The Resources

Saturday, 15. February 2014

If managers adopt a management model that focuses on results, then soon they risk being left without modern resources that produce these results. On the other hand, if managers are concerned only about the resources, forgetting about the results, the they may soon find itself without finances and will not be able to feed himself and his resources. The effectiveness of management is to balance Results / Resources – how much time spend management and staff on a obtaining the current results, and how much time perfecting their resources. Unfortunately, in many enterprises there is a clear bias in favor of Results. Managers of enterprises of different levels and how Consequently, the rank and file employees, the vast majority of working time spent on the implementation of ongoing projects. Even if the leaders decide on the need to allocate time to the improvement of Resources, under pressure from internal and external circumstances, but mostly their own habits, they are still the vast majority of time spent on the implementation of ongoing projects. You can change the situation only by changing habit of leaders – to deal exclusively with the current activity. Why employees are engaged exclusively in the current activity? Habits are encoded in our subconscious.

The subconscious also controls our heartbeat, body temperature and other vital processes in the body. Consciousness can only handle images – the future or past. For the current activity information in an image of consciousness be held in the subconscious. If you provide information in the subconscious of unknown or unusual activity to him, you have to constantly monitor the reaction of the subconscious with his consciousness, which requires sufficient effort. Or a person gets tired easily, or he "need to tuck under the arm" to the more familiar activities that at present the company's more than enough. The subconscious mind instantly and unconsciously forces you to switch to this activity.

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