The Trader

Monday, 2. September 2013

Trader achieved these results for three consecutive months. Reaching goals trade on a demo account, he decided it was time to start trading with real money. Begin trading with real money, but things are changing rapidly. Instead of trading method, which followed the trader to trade on demo account, he began to miss the deal, trying to choose the winning trades, instead of taking 40% of losing trades. Of course, he always chooses the more losers than winners.

Then, trying to fix this problem, the trader decides that it is possible enters the market too late. So now, instead wait for the final formation of the trade setup before signing the deal, the trader tries to enter earlier, which leads to deterioration of the losses. Given the continuing losses in the course of entering the emotions: 'What's wrong? Why do I always lose? Maybe it's not my fault, maybe my method stopped working? " Problems with the worse each transaction – the more emotion, the more losing trades and the trader, ultimately, leaves the trade. Now the trader decides that the trading results on a demo account were not really adequate for the start of trading for real money. Trader returns to trading on a demo account and re-examined. Thoughts that are now a trader: "Maybe I should try other methods of trading, until I can eliminate those lead to losing trades. Then I'll be ready again to trade for real money. In fact, maybe I should opt out of trade, maybe I'm simply complete loser and that's why I can not trade successfully.

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