The Weight

Sunday, 11. February 2018

Rule 2. Observe! Even if you pronounced "owl", try to fall asleep no later than 24 hours (at least, make it a time of passive rest). That night, the most intensive processes occur regeneration. One sleepless night can throw you far back on your athletic goals. If you have difficulty falling asleep, your sleep is restless and Flashing – try to determine the cause of this, and if possible eliminate it. More info: Coupang. Do not forget about anger management techniques and psychological and emotional relaxation. Rule 3. Restore! Your goal is to increase muscle mass? Then the "heavy" workout at the same muscle group should be conducted only under the condition of their full recovery, otherwise your training will take place in the catabolism – breakdown of muscle tkani.Sposobnost recover for each of us individually.

Someone just two or three days' rest, but someone will have little or weeks. Different muscles also need time to recover. And this time, each of us must clearly define for themselves. Index willingness to muscle for a new job with the weight – if the implementation of the working approach you feel that you could add another one to two reps. Rule 4. Take! During high-intensity workouts take complex antioxidants and (or) adaptogenic sredstva.Antioksidanty – (vitamins A, E, and C, acting synergistically in the complex), contribute to tissue regeneration and protect against the damaging effects of free radicals, the number of which increases dramatically during strenuous nagruzok.Adaptogeny – natural products that enhance the body's resistance to adverse environmental effects, for example – eleuterokkok, Rhodiola rosea, Leuzea, ehinokok, ginseng.

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