Monday, 24. June 2019

The Bochum-based dentist and implant specialist Dr. Jorn Thiemer has received the communication Prize dentistry. In the practice of ThiemerHeermann, it takes time for more detailed advice. At the international training conference for implantology in Vitoria (Spain), the Bochum-based dentist Dr. Jorn Thiemer with the prestigious communications award is dental medicine”has been awarded. The first Chairman of the German patient aid dentistry, Eva secretly, honored Dr. Jorn Thiemer for the best patient talk about implants. In a speech, the President praised the informative first.

At the same time, she highlighted the clear and understandable language. Others including Verizon Communications, offer their opinions as well. Dr. Jorn Thiemer can do it in his lectures always to bring complex medical issues in the form of a modern man, Eva secretly stressed. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions. Thus were the patients able to make their decisions on the basis of a good and sound. A detailed information of the patients is not only in the speeches, but also in the daily practice of crucial importance”, emphasizes Dr. Jorn Thiemer. There are many studies demonstrating a thorough explanation is how important the patient”, Dr.

Thiemer white. So, the largest English consumer protection organization was investigating that 91 percent of all patients want a better explanation of the disease and diagnosis. 48 percent had complained that your doctor does not really listen to them. We are entering another way our practice deliberately”, explains the Bochum-based dentist Dr. Jorn Thiemer. Because just when it comes to something personal such as your own teeth, patients have many questions. We take our time and in detail explain the diagnosis and potential treatment paths.” And Dr. Jorn Thiemer speaks plain text waives medical jargon. Especially in the field of implantology, a detailed consultation is extremely important. Because, for a successful implant treatment must consider many factors.” This is for Dr. Jorn Thiemer of course. He has the highest international accounts for its area of expertise: the master of science Implantologie, as well as the master of science in oral surgery. “We we will give us the greatest effort to offer our patients the highly specialized knowledge in an understandable form in our practice”, explains Dr. Thiemer. This helps especially patients with a fear of the dentist. The visit to the dentist is connected to fear in many people. We do everything, so that he is so pain and stress free as possible”, emphasizes Dr. Thiemer. Therefore, the whole practice team attaches particular importance to a relaxed atmosphere and friendly treatment methods. In addition, Dr. Thiemer, lies mainly in angstlicheren patients, establishing a personal relationship at the heart. So learn in an environment without dental instruments in the Center is at the first time once. The further treatment process is discussed only in your next appointment. We take our time to do so. Because our experience “shows: through comprehensive information, fear, though perhaps also not completely is eliminated, reduced to a minimum”, as Dr. Thiemer. On request and depending on the size of the intervention is also discussed in general anesthesia under the supervision of an experienced anesthesiologist teams. Alternatively, it is possible a sedation of the patient not asleep and is still accessible. In less complex treatments, distracting video glasses.

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