Third World

Tuesday, 8. July 2014

These information, therefore, concludes that it is the industrial use, in fodder and foods that incorporate an important processing, and not increase of population between raw the poor cereal consumers or little made, which has contributed to the increases of price. Germa’n Gorraiz Lopez, adds that she considers herself, who basic the agricultural product scarcity for the feeding, (wheat, maize, rice, sorghum and millet), and the beastly increase of these products in the world-wide markets that its end of iceberg in the 2,007 had, will go " in crescendo" throughout the decade until reaching his zenith in the horizon of 2.020.Para to arrive at this crisis, (whose first bocetos already are well formed and that it will finish drawing itself with all their crudity at the end of the next decade), they have contributed the following elements: Suicidal economic development of the countries of the Third World with disturbed growth of macrolarge cities and tourist megacomplejos and the consequent reduction of surface dedicated to the agricultural culture. Change of landlords of consumption of the emergent countries due to the spectacular increase of the middle-class and its spending power and the weakness of the dollar and collapse of the prices of the crude one with the consequent deflection of speculative investments to markets of raw materials. To it the increase of the use by the countries of the first world of depredadoras technologies will be united, (biocombustibles), that under the label SAW of respectful countries with the Environment, will not doubt in fagocitar enormous amounts of maize at first destined, to the feeding for the production of biodiesel, combined with unusual droughts and floods in the main world-wide barns. An excellent aspect in this crisis also, it has been all concerning the increase of the prices, that now with world-wide the financial crisis has entailed to prices unattainable for many in the acquisition of products. .

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