Top, Top, Stomping Kid !

Sunday, 21. October 2018

Observe the first steps of his crumbs – happiness for any parent! But this happy period of time, and most crucial, not only for native little pedestrian, but also for doctors and orthopedists. Because right now, when the crumb is just learning to walk, it is important to monitor the condition of his legs. But sometimes caring parents begin to sound the alarm and saw children's illness, even if it means there is no reason. Imagine situation: mom and dad think that their 2-year-old children of the flat, and they are not talking to your doctor, buy medical insoles or orthopedic shoes. But in fact, as we already explained, the fact that the child's feet do not curves for this age group – an absolute norm. And in this case, orthotics, which are used "inappropriately", can only hurt.

In what the situation really is on guard and show the baby podiatrist? If the angle between the feet and legs more or less than 90 ; Stop "collapses" into; walking child is based only on the toes and not fall on the heel; knees "look" inwards or outwards; lap like a letter X or the letter O. These are small at first sight impairment may eventually lead to unpleasant consequences. For instance, often following the curvature of the foot properly developed knee and hip joints. And this, in its turn, leads to distortions in the structure of other parts of the spine. Magic shoes If a doctor found the baby orthopedic problems, help them cope with special attachments that hold the joints in the correct position, massage, physical therapy or physiotherapy. And children who already walk, the doctor will advise to wear orthopedic shoes or insoles. Hear other arguments on the topic with Oracle. The aim of such botinochek – keep feet and legs in the correct position, so they have a high heel hard and solid base (note: if the shoe can be easily folded in half, stop it will "walk"). Orthopedic shoes – it's a treatment, which must appoint a physician, why make such a purchase "of their own accord," it is impossible.

These therapeutic shoes made to order in special workshops, but the shoes, which are sold in retail stores, can not be considered orthopedic. Instead of In order to align the foot, is not suitable baby shoes can lead to even more serious distortion. 'Goat same drawback and orthotic insoles, which are sold in pharmacies – they do not fit all in a row, so, so like the shoes, they must be ordered by individual measures. In modern workshops therapeutic insoles are made of special material which, when heated, becomes soft and accurately reproduces the shape of the foot, so feet in them convenient. If the curvature of the foot is not very strong, we say goodbye to insoles baby will be able, when the bones and joints will be the correct form. And one more important thing: that the shoes and insoles have done their work, they need to walk constantly, even at home, and removed only for sleeping or bathing.

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