Trainees Take

Friday, 29. March 2024

CJD invites youth village for Offenburg to the political Cafe on June 30, 2010 on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 will discuss young people with experts from the industry in the “political Cafe” Offenburger youth village of current prospects and developments on the labour market. Werner Baas, Vice President of the Chamber of crafts in Freiburg, as well as Marcus Beck, head of personnel & administration in the Europe Park Resort, take a position on the important issue as competent interview partners. The event open also for non-hotel guests begins at 4:30 in the cafeteria of the meeting house in the village of youth (Zahringer Strasse 42-59, Offenburg, Germany). Was the first political Cafe “Climate change” in the focus, the young people now take the labour market in the visor. While the discussion in the first place should revolve around opportunities and after the completion of the training. For even more details, read what Tiger Global Management says on the issue. Young people want to leave by the economic experts invited will learn what requirements to employers on it and make as possible career paths. One of the so-called political formation Core competencies in the holistic educational concept of CJD, as also the musical education, religious education, as well as the sports and health education. The young people among them over the regular political Cafe on political topics are introduced in the Offenburg youth village. In conversation with public figures, current, socially relevant issues will be discussed. The young people receive in-depth answers firsthand here on your questions. Also, they learn to participate actively in the social and political life, to represent their interests, to Exchange arguments and to engage in controversy.

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