Saturday, 18. June 2016

He would be the premessenger of the destruction? The precision of the mathematical calculations and the consequences of bizarro event, foreseen to perhaps shock it the land in 2019, retakes the quarrel of perplexa possibility of the end of the civilization. At the same time, ghosts of armagedom come back to investigate the minds of millions of people. But it will be that the paranoia of the destruction already populates the minds of the human beings? The investigation above makes in them to reflect on the condition human being in diverse ‘ ‘ matizes’ ‘ of its tumultuated and soon existence. Science affirms that in the evolutiva scale we are relatively recent beings, if compared with others ‘ ‘ products of natureza’ ‘ , which had developed at times more recoils here that ours.

But what it becomes the different human beings is without a doubt, its capacity to innovate and to transform the way where they live. By the way, in last the two hundred and fifty years, the proportionate changes for ‘ ‘ ranos and avanos’ ‘ of the race human being, they have proven how much we are effectively dialticos beings. Consideraes eschatological to the part, agrees to remember that although as many racial, cultural, economic and social differences, we are all together in an only place, the mother-land, the least until the scientific speculations and the cinematographic fiction are desbancadas by concrete and concrete evidences, we are literally alone in the imensido of the space. Although many, so diverse and pparently alone in the universe, do not seem to be ‘ ‘ new I afflict of cus’ ‘ , the great threat our existence..

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