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Monday, 1. April 2019

It automatically rinse and sanitize container. For It uses a variety of liquids, which are selected according to process requirements. The most common include ozonated water, a special concentrate that is mixed with water directly from the machine and the use of hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning and Ultra Clean. High-quality cleaning solution allows prodezinfetsirovat bottle before serving the bottling machine. In this case, the solution itself must be completely removed out of the bottle and leave no peculiar smell of detergent. After disinfection of the bottle hit the machine, which fills them and clogs.

Basic equipment such line produced by Pakpromet, designed to packaging of dairy products in PET bottles (0,5-1,0 liter). with a wide neck, appliques threaded plugs and putting the date on the tube. It is composed of carrier with its own drive, the circular capping device for receiving and Filling, vibropodayuschy mechanism jams, capping the device with the head for sealing and dater. People who are experienced with the equipment, spill or another liquid, probably asking now question – how exactly shall bottling milk and dairy products in plastic bottles? We have the answer. Bottled milk in these bottles can be a variety of ways, but the most popular three: vacuum filling, piston dosing floumetrichesky bottling. In the first case in contact with the pump bottle valve is opened and the product gets into the container "gravity", with the dosing accuracy is exposed to a special level.

Than this method is good – when there is no foam, but at the same time, they can not spill food with pieces such as yogurt. When the piston dosing using volumetric method, and bottling is done without contact with the bottle. So way you can pour out products with different inclusions, but there is a risk of foaming. The system floumetricheskogo filling plays a major role flowmetry – a device that measured the correct dose of the product of flow and control valve product flow into the bottle. This approach is the most promising solution for bottling in PET bottles. The fact that it combines the advantages of vacuum and piston dosing allows non-contact filling of the product, including the inclusions. So, we're done filling. Proceed to the next section of the line. In the case before us line PESET, an automatic machine for sticking adhesive Labels models ETPAK on the bottle. The design used photosensor for reading and passing the bottle STOP-photosensor with the ability to recognize different types of labels. Finishing touch of the production line for bottling dairy products in PET bottles is automatic group packing. It was with him and go those blocks packed bottles are then loaded onto a car and go to the store. That's all. As can be seen, switching to bottled Milk and dairy products in PET bottles not that complicated thing. Of course, the equipment will have to spend. But, believe me, it's worth it. Indeed, much nicer to buy milk in a transparent bottle with a memorable form and pleasing the eye with the label than in the so bored all the cardboard (Pure-Pak) or plastic bag.

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