Urban Beautification Programs

Monday, 1. July 2019

The current pace of construction and the volume of investments in program improvement, urban dictate the rules, entirely different from those that applied in the late twentieth century. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. If you have previously Uncontrolled development has been the norm, and arrangement of the territory was limited to lining the sidewalks, it is now increased competition among construction firms and offices of the architectural design requires attract customers not only comfortable apartment layout, but also the creation of a competent infrastructure neighborhoods. A competent developer today launching a project, being fully confident that the architectural solution involves the creation of green areas, areas for recreation, children's playgrounds. A significant role in creating the infrastructure district has a choice of small architectural forms (IRF) – benches, litter bins, system of road improvement. They must not only ensure the safety and convenience of their immediate users, but also have high longevity, durability and Antivandal to the cost of land improvement in the future are not increased because of the need to replace the newly installed elements.

A similar situation exists in the public sector: the city administration, with limited budget must include costs for installation and replacement of elements of urban furniture. It is sad, but in this situation is preferred most affordable models for small architectural forms, the life which can be limited to one season. Paving of sidewalks and road improvement within strict budget and loses, but in this case, the downside is an unfortunate choice of the time interval of the work. Often extended in time order of adoption costs, and the system of tenders for such work can start the project only in the midst of the construction season. It turns out that the bricks placed on a mixture of sand and snow, and quickly cooled asphalt can not form a dense pavement. Similar trends of development and implementation of improvement observed in all related fields. Exit of the situation may be the use of durable, but expensive, small architectural forms and a comprehensive program of improvement, including measures for the restoration of street furniture and other items urban environment. One of the first companies that have introduced such innovations in the improvement of cities, a group of companies Stimex.

This is one of the largest manufacturers of street furniture and road improvement in Russia. Through the use of durable materials – Siberian larch, natural granite and metal coated in powder technology – benches, litter bins and pots from this company operate in many cities for the past ten years. The program of restoration and replacement of elements of the technology was developed several years ago and is now successfully used as a system of after-sale service. In the year 2008 under this scheme was carried out a comprehensive replacement and reconstruction of the iaf in the city of Krasnoyarsk.

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