Wilfried Beneke

Monday, 15. September 2014

Beneke AG invests in the future benefits and more services for customers of Eitorf, June 22, 2010. With an increase of capital to 150,000 euro Beneke AG will one of the leading secondary market consulting firm, closed-end funds in Germany, the basis for an expansive development. “CEO Wilfried Beneke says: the investment associated with the capital increase also in economically depressed times, mean above all benefits and services for old and new customers.” The strengthening of the capital of Beneke AG allows the expansion of services for fund investors. At the same time, it underlines the confidence in the proven team and the business concept of Bai AG. With the additional capital, Beneke invests in information technology, consulting software and additional services for Beneke customers. At the same time, Bahadur intensified in training predominantly academically trained.

For us, a long-term customer relationship at high quality of advice is more important than for example, in the short term to earn”so Beneke often excessive commissions. Products gepuschte with high commissions or those where investor rights are circumcised, are not recommended by us.” In the Internet, Bahadur with the free trading platform provides access to all closed-end funds. This offer is extended with a digital Fund folder for the customers. His personal home account”, the customer may then at any time and from any Internet access safe and free of charge all his systems monitor, optimize and change. Still most important business field, however, remains the second market of closed-end Fund. Especially in difficult times, a premature sale of Fund investments for many investors is extremely important.

The independent Beneke second market AG provides the offered shares to the highest possible market price. While she checks the entire market for every request. This distinguishes them from competitors and issuing houses only for a buyer or for its own account buy a. H.v.Lieres

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