Without Any Detours – The Evra Contraceptive Patch And The NuvaRing In Comparison

Wednesday, 22. May 2019

The Evra patch and NuvRing, or: why the modern woman deliberately forgets the pill since the 1960s was considered birth control pills the most commonly prescribed and applied contraceptives within the industrial Nations. Contributed by they were successful in preventing up to this day many unwanted pregnancies and in addition, the invention of the pill has”very substantially to the emancipation and the sexual liberation of women of the 60’s and 70’s. Their application is relatively simple, and their safety seems almost unbeatable. Health awareness is now some time in the country in the 21st century since the 1960s and it has neither the development of contraceptive methods, before the (female) claims to stop made. The health and body consciousness of the 21st century is dominated by slow food rather than fast-food”. Ingredients that are eyes trained by the scientific enlightenment administered medications, as well as the daily food with, carefully eyed and not rarely critically questioned.

The 21.Jahrhundert calls not only bio – instead of GM food, but also awareness in terms of contraception has shifted away slowly but surely strong hormonal methods. The trend moves more and more towards the most body-conscious methods of family planning. If you can, believe the General (health) consciousness development then the modern woman focuses more and more on a method of contraception, the lowest hormone dose maximum reliability guaranteed. Of course want today are no compromises in terms of safety and comfort and thanks to the invention of advanced contraceptive methods, like the NuvRing or the Evra patch, not have them. Prevention without oral”detours the NuvRing, as well as the Evra patch their gentle and at the same time reliable effect characterized by. Both work without detours: the NuvRing, the flexible soft plastic ring, is introduced as a tampon and after 21 days again removed. He distinguishes itself by the fact, that he offers applied reliable contraceptive protection only once a month.

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