Wonder Yudo Shipping

Saturday, 30. November 2013

And his accomplice was a man Glasha milkmaids, who in his first year he deserted from the Royal Army and would not return to his wife, decided to become a highwayman. Gentlemen of Fortune, damn it! So they spent the whole night. The gang headed by Ataman and his accomplice walked through the night, horse-thief Grishka shaking in the bushes of fear, but our man with a height of accommodations for all those watching, desperately struggling with sleep, which it prevailed. As soon as the sun rose, the robbers stopped their drunken gatherings and were about to fall apart to sleep, as there was a clatter of hooves. This is a forester Theodore did morning round of his possessions, which have long wanted to expose a cheater smith Mikula, Glasha return of her husband and forcing the robbers to work for the village. Abandoning all their belongings, the robbers got on their horses and began to flee in terror from the forester, because they knew that if they are caught it, then there will also be held responsible for what at the time were guilty of fire in forest people who put out then the whole village.

In addition, the half-time forester Theodore has worked part time in the fishing control, so he could easily bring them to justice under the laws of the King-Emperor father for what they poaching methods fished Wonder Yudo Shipping and sold him to the circus Carabas-Barabas. Meanwhile, horse thief Grishka out of his hiding place and eaten all that was left for a robber. And they left a lot, as represented by nix forester and fishing control as ever descended suddenly. Grisha had enough and left again into the thick of a dense, dense forest. "Daaaaaa – thought to myself man – wow roamed the world, learn how people live, feeding yourself are," and walked man home.

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