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Sunday, 7. February 2016

Promoter should try to match the surrounding environment, that is, consider the types of customers, store level and even the area of its location. Promoter is necessary to check its appearance. Hair must be clean and neatly stacked. Hands and nopi must be irreproachable, nail polish, only pale natural tones. You should not wear jewelry conspicuous.

Light makeup (makeup) that will hide minor imperfections of the skin, just need a sharp light of fluorescent lamps in the shop. Pose and posture are important – the promoter must straighten shoulders, lift your chin up, to show that he is endowed with certain powers; position must be free, but at the same time strong. Excluded are any deviations from the established customer attire. Gestures must match what is says promoter, the use of sign language is inevitable, but unnecessary gesture can irritate customers. The promoter must not touch customers or allow them to do it. Necessary provide visual contact with the buyer, which consists of a smile and a meeting views, smile has a powerful effect, and direct gaze seems more sincere and true – people so flattering to manifest mind and they tend to respond appreciation. The promoter must ensure tone of voice. When the tone at odds with the text, more informative for the other person gets the tone. A classic example is any first sentence, which appeal to the buyer's promoter: "Today I want to draw your attention to the ongoing promotion …'. Emphasis should be done on the word 'your', but in this case the phrase sound sincere.

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