Saturday, 29. December 2012

However, the demographic explosion supported in the domain of science and technology has transformed the planet to such a degree that there be and Bosch would not recognize the physical landscape and human if they resurrect today: 6.4 billion human beings instead of 1.2 billion, almost double the CO2 in the atmosphere, rivers and polluted seas, forests reduced by half to feed the growing population and with less capacity to absorb the gases that cause in a century, the formulas and the challenges have also increased temperatures and the level of the sea, the extinctions of hundreds of thousands of species, wars for control of fossil fuels if the world has changed. If we know that the current demographic rate endangers the future of the planet and of humanity, social models will have to change to adapt to the reality of today and for educating for responsibility. Persist in the contumacy of venerating hydrocarbons, our grandchildren You will find a world in which there will be wars not only by control stocks of black opium, but also stocks of water and food that is already speculation today. Along with the environmental cataclysm, the alienation by the petroleum based dictatorships, violations of human rights and international relations subservient to the possession of raw instead of cooperation and common values required to deal with today’s challenges. Humanity now has the process called Fischer-Tropsh liquefaction, which converts coal into liquid hydrocarbons.

Coal reserves could supply the world economy during the 21st century, even if global energy demand increases dramatically, according to an estimate cited Sachs. A relief by this news would mean that nothing we have learned and that we are going way to extinction along with so many other species that they are dying for our blindness.

Invest In Profitable Businesses: Business Affiliate

Friday, 21. December 2012

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent solution for all those people who wish to begin with a profitable business on the internet, without too much difficulty and without investing virtually nothing (even it is possible to do it free) If you wonder that I do for money?, you can immerse yourself in the affiliate programs. The affiliate marketing business model goes beyond selling products over the internet and consists of promoting other people products, receiving a Commission for it and constitutes an excellent business opportunity for those who do not have enough time to devote himself to develop an own product, provide care to the client and all those tasks that involve the maintenance of an own business. If you’re not very familiar with what is affiliate marketing, you can read this article which also contains a very explanatory video before. If your intention is to generate good income through affiliate marketing, I present here some strategies so you can try the success of this model of businesses with which you will get profits, rewarding your investment of time and money. 1 – Investigates the product that you are going to promote and you no guidance for your tastes: people often make the mistake of promoting any product without first investigating a little. They decide to promote it because it is the product of fashion, by the material provided them to promote it, and many other things, but above all else they make the decision to promote it because they are seduced by a nice sales letter. This is a big mistake since the truly important thing is if that product has demand or not. And here I take this opportunity to dispel a great myth that will surely get it played out there and who says that you should promote products that have little competition. This is a big lie, because it is highly recommended to promote products that have much competition because that is an indicator that is being sold.


Thursday, 6. December 2012

White magic is philosophy or ethics of magic, the spells that are made are used for good and to help others, to attract love, luck and success and never to harm, injure or invoke negative events to any living being. General rule spells for love are white magic spells, so also are the spells that reconquered to a loved one who has moved away, the charms to achieve the fidelity in the couple, to make friends, to ensure the loyalty of a person, for success in studies, in business, to attract abundance, in conclusion: all spell that has as its sole purpose the good. Rituals, spells or white magic spells vary greatly in all parts of the world, because they depend heavily on the teachings that have been transmitted from parents to children or teachers to initiates. We see, for example, many similarities in the rituals of one end to another of the planet, which has varied one or the other Word, has been a change in the talisman or the deity involved, etc. ES natural occurring as well, because each culture you will find the power in the deity that is familiar to you and does not therefore cease to be effective the spell. We can say, without fear of being mistaken, that subtle changes that made the diverse cultures, will not affect the results if you have with vehement desire, faith in the own power and enough knowledge that guide us to the moment of knowing what you should or should not do to avoid adverse effects.

Another factor to consider is the responsibility to the effects, which is then very difficult to reverse. For example, attract a person who then give us account is not as we thought and that it will be very difficult to then move it away; get a job that does not satisfy us and however will have to deal with every day. For this reason it is advisable before making any spell or white magic for money, meditate very well step that we take, discussion with ourselves and determine if that is really what we should. Univision: all in rule Millennium ABC us celebrate news the Meeting of cultures in the free entry CENAC Activities CENAC Costa Rica Utpba the convergence of cultures Organization convened a meeting the golden rule * CORDUROY lyrics * opinion of hundreds of Panamanian authors on topics of interest in Panama rule of three.