Successful People

Monday, 24. March 2014

Watching friends and prosperous as he slowly but surely poured into the wonderful world without wage work has made for himself a few conclusions, but rather identified three main problems most successful people. Problem 1: constant lack of time problem is compounded by the fact that the more successful you become, and you go forward, the stronger will be requested and trebovniya your time on the part of other people. But that's not all! The farther you go forward, the more worth your time! And do not use it with a productive impact is comparable to a crime against yourself. Problem number 2: the constant feeling that the world around you is terribly small for you you've grown out of it. And he does not yet understood, and continues by inertia to show you the old faded scenery has long passed the lessons of long-forgotten plays. Problem number three: lack of understanding of the absolute majority of the people around you, especially close to this the main problem! If you are lucky enough to meet even close with a few successful people – each of them is alien to his family, friends and associates (of course unsuccessful). And many of his environment for some reason, believe that success came to him unfairly, that he was lucky again by accident, and his place in actual fact they should be. Whose life has once again walked on the sharp turn (I confess I thought so too before looking at them).

Although they deserve this success to all its existence. This environment is constantly trying to load their human complexes, a sense of guilt in front of them non-existent for his success and a long list of things that he (or, God forbid, she) now they have until the end of his days. I have a dosih get from my mother, since when I left work with hired in late June. Success – never happened! That's what I write in more detail in his book, you can get for free here

Transportation Companies

Saturday, 22. March 2014

As it turned out, our company uses the services of the year 'Transportation Company – 778', and Now the company is due to the crisis and provides services to individuals. Go out on the site, and there prices are fixed! And a trip to Yegor'yevsk worth two thousand, and that offers business-class cars and the drivers, only Pro-trained corporate ethics. The result of the last trip was pleased. The declared value on the site as reported by the dispatcher and eventually paid the driver was the same, saying a car full order, driving without a driver and a calm nerves. And can talk about anything, do not whine, as all taxi drivers, fish is that life is bad and not enough money. So take a few months. In summary, the results allow draw the following conclusion, that in Moscow a taxi on the phone did not until a major way to get to wherever you want. In other countries, and in many Russian cities, it has long become a habit.

In Moscow, is still easier to go out, give up – and stop every car. Often it is cheaper than a taxi by phone. Although have to sit down for casual drivers, listen to the repertoire "cheap pop" in the likeness of 'black eyes', even choke tobacco smoke, fear that the 'go running along the ground underfoot. " All this can be forgiven for speed travel, but there are times when you need precision, accuracy, reliability and security. Especially if you're leaving the airport or city where you have to be at or be a long trip, the best option and do not figure out how to make a reservation. I for a choice made in favor of 'Transport Company – 778', and received excellent service at an affordable price.

Bay Windows

Thursday, 20. March 2014

Life in high-quality and exclusive luxury estate in Munich the rating of a specific real estate luxury real estate aimed their facilities and their location, with a lake or the sea, exclusive real estate are particularly popular. Many residents of luxury real estate are longing for peace and an undisturbed access to the water. Furthermore, old manor houses and castles are popular as well as protected monument spacious townhouses. A major feature of high-quality real estate is their uniqueness. High-quality real estate as an investment the potential tenant of luxury real estate is restricted due to demanding rent, alone so that between the initial offer of the living room for rent and the conclusion of the lease agreement usually passes a longer period. Tenant ultimate life in exclusive real estate a permanent place to stay looking for in most cases however, so not already after a short time again the tenant search costs for the owner. At the same time go Residents of high-quality houses and apartments with an above-average care with the respective real estate to. Mietausfalle almost never occur in a rental of high-quality living to solvent tenants.

Thus, luxury real estate is ideally suitable as a financial investment. That luxury real estate are often protected, hardly reduces the yield potential. The owner must vote while reconstruction with the Office, to the compensation he receives tax breaks and grants or subsidised loans but for his contribution to the preservation. Not just old buildings are protected monuments, but also high quality bungalows dating from the 1960s can get awarded this property, if they are typical and unusual in their respective places of the former construction. The acquisition of luxury buildings in addition to the old and often listed real estate built luxury real estate found in German cities more than new buildings. The luxury of modern luxury residential units is expressed not only in spacious houses and condos, but also in a wide range of services.

The concierge service of the corresponding luxury residential denied access not only unwanted visitors, but is also running errands and other services for the residents. Apartments in luxury apartment residences are mostly inhabited by the respective owners and are often in traffic-calmed city areas. In contrast to the luxury condo building let builders of luxury homes primarily in rural areas and on the outskirts of the city. What makes a real estate luxury real estate? Spacious rooms include the basic features of exclusive real estate as well as high-quality construction materials. In new buildings, builders increasingly value put on the installation of efficient heating and outstanding thermal insulation. Many luxury homes are surrounded by large park-like gardens. The luxury in the wellness area is becoming increasingly important. A private swimming pool is the luxurious new buildings Minimum standard represents, many builders have also a sauna. The Kunst am Bau plays only a minor role, however, for today built luxury buildings. While both country houses and townhouses of construction epochs characterized by artistically interesting decorations and Bay Windows, most architects also with exclusive real estate without today a such playful design, although this makes unique building to the art and the individual objects. End of luxury is already in the eye of the user of a property. Many people feel a bungalow with large glass surfaces as exceptionally beautiful, while other prospective buyers feel very observed in such a House.

Federal Law

Thursday, 20. March 2014

Bundesfinanzhof recognizes subsequent interest in the income from rental and leasing at the BFH decided that interest payments for a loan that was originally recorded for the financing of cost of real estate for rent, can be deducted principle even as subsequent advertising costs in the income from renting and leasing, if the building is sold, the proceeds of the sale but not enough, in order to discharge the loan liability. By judgment of 20 June 2012 IX R 67/10 the Bundesfinanzhof (BFH) has decided that interest payments for a loan that was recorded originally for the financing of the cost of real estate for rent can deducted in principle even as subsequent advertising costs in the income from renting and leasing, if the building is sold, the proceeds of the sale but not enough to pay off the loan liability. “This decision so that so-called scrap real estate bought and in the meantime with loss have sold which also impact for investors”, the Heidelberger stressed investor lawyer Mathias Nittel. The plaintiffs in the case decided by the Federal fiscal court had 1994 acquired a residential building, rented this and this income. In 2001, he sold the building at a loss. With the proceeds, loans made at the acquisition of the building could not completely be replaced; Thus the plaintiffs dispute year 2004 interest on the originally recorded liabilities had to spend.

The IRS not recognized that asserted “additional interest” by the plaintiff in relation to its income tax assessment for 2004 as advertising costs. The BFH the plaintiff was right. The asserted interest be not taken unfairly in calculating the income from renting and leasing. For the victims of scrap property, this means that they even after a loss-making sale of the interest paid on the remaining residual loans tax reduced take apartment in approach. Lawyer Nittel: “thus the complications of the scrap property be alleviated at least a little bit.” Do you have questions about your scrap property? You want to know whether what your chances are to enforce claims for compensation? Call us, we are happy to help you.

Inca Fund

Wednesday, 19. March 2014

Fund concept offers continuous distributions and attractive profit opportunities through the allocation of mezzanine capital to mid-sized companies in Wiesbaden, 29.09.2011. After its successful launch in Germany, the Wiesbaden underwriter Inca launches invest in Austria as well and has an official permission from the competent authority caught up with this is according to the capital market law in the neighbouring country of Austria. We follow this desire and demand by business partners, may be even across the United Kingdom”, says Tamer Zincidi, responsible management within the group for sales questions. The Inca INVEST mezzanine GmbH & co. has specialized in KG on the targeted selection of companies in growth situations and mezzanine capital in the form of, for example, from typical offers these companies investments or participating loans to breastfeed. Of the planned total of EUR 30 million equity participation will Inca raise here in Austria four million.

We want us the local market conditions as a young company in the field of investment appropriate approach”, explains Zincidi. A participation is possible as a one time investment from a drawing sum of 2,500 euros plus five per cent premium. The runtime is encouragingly short seven years up to the 31.12.2018. A total a total return is to be achieved at this time based on my initial investment without agio by 150 percent. The investment rate is about 90 percent without the premium. During this period, Inca wants to participate in up to 20 small and medium-sized companies with investment sizes between 0.25 and EUR 5 million per investment. The distribution model unusual for such investments is interesting. So investors on the paid deposit (excluding premiums) from the first year will receive distributions by six percent annually after taxes.

Total it envisages the Fund concept, with the exception of current remuneration, as long as the managing limited partner exclusively all profits to investors to come out until they have received their paid a deposit (excluding premiums) and all Vorabausschuttungen accumulated over the years. Until then, management and investors projecting profits share in the ratio of 20:80 so clearly for the benefit of the investors. A target company after the decision by management and Advisory Board to fund launch in Austria already is clear: it is the project of DNP printing-Sony, which become the market leader in the installation of photo kiosks and photo terminals in German-speaking countries due to certain acquisitions. This business area has a rapidly growing market. The Inca Fund provides a portion of its capital of Admiral Beteiligungsverwaltungs AG in and benefited from the fact that such customers – is so far mostly agree with Admiral drugstores – contractual minimum quantities of consumable materials. This creates the actual profit. The exciting thing here is: the Admiral Beteiligungsverwaltungs AG is also refinanced over a Europe-wide approved bond (WKN A1EWR6, ISIN DE000A1EWR69), which dates back to the same House. Benefit investors of the Inca INVEST mezzanine GmbH & co. KG so not only by a broad spread in different target investments, but also by the fact that their funding on the part of specialists from Wiesbaden was also stopped on several legs. It provides investment security while continuing to leverage the opportunities that are available without a doubt selected medium-sized companies. For more information,

Financial Investment Intermediaries

Tuesday, 18. March 2014

Old farts don’t need to learn the running – amendment of financial investment intermediaries and investment law was decided some financial investment intermediaries and investment advisers have recorded it with relief. The draft of law on the amendment of the financial investment intermediaries and investment law adopted currently by the Bundestag on 27 October 2011 will include a so-called “old hares”rule. This was not part of the original concept, but was incorporated into the Bill by the Finance Committee. In the future, financial investment intermediaries require according to the new section 34f GewO of the permit by the competent authority, i.e. the labour inspectorates of the countries.

Permission is however among other things to fail, if the facts justify the assumption that the financial investment intermediaries reliability required for the operation of commercial does not own or he does not prove successfully dropped test by one before the Chamber of Commerce and industry that he for the mediation of and advice on financial assets necessary Has expertise on the technical and legal foundations, as well as about the customer service. People must not prove according to the present decision, however a competence test, continuously employed or self-employed worked since January 1, 2006 as investment broker or investment advisor. This concerns those, for example the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of unit certificates of an investment management company or the investment stock corporation or of publicly offered shares in one and convey of securitised assets to a corporation or partnership, as well as those providing investment advice within the meaning of 2 paragraph 6 sentence 1 Nr. 8 KWG operate. By one due to 34 g GewO new to complete legal regulation of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology new information, consulting and documentation requirements are added, including the disclosure of commissions and other benefits. This an “old hand” can evade nor, such as the requirement to register at the Register the register authority. The mentioned requirements itself, but partly also their employees not only the financial investment intermediaries and investment advisers.

The opposition sharply criticized the now present “old hares”rule. As an “old hand” could have a long time as a mediator before him, without ever a competence to be tested. On the other hand, they feared a devaluation of the qualifications of younger advisers and intermediaries. With their arguments the other groups could not penetrate but ultimately. At an early stage, purveyors of financial assets and investment advisor should strive for a preparation for the upcoming legislation and the increased requirements related. In particular, it is recommended to them, to contact, who can advise you on the legal issues and are facing a lawyer qualified in this area. Negligence in this area are quickly punished by disgruntled investors.

ATM Book

Monday, 17. March 2014

Framework contract for distributor Hamburg closed may 27, 2013. In the future, investment advisors who want to meet the requirements of paragraph 34f of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO) in connection with paragraph 24 of the financial mediation Ordinance (FinVermV), must accept also an independent audit of their occupational tax documents in addition to other criteria. The own tax advisors may not carry out usually this form of control (prohibition of self-examination). The Texas ATM American Management LLC wants the connected consultants this support and provides a framework agreement with the Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm () a performance package they can use to fulfil the extended book review obligations in accordance with the above mentioned legal obligations. The package stipulates that in addition to a corresponding advice including checklists and forms provided financial service providers to prepare future yearly testing available.

One such prepared and structured approach allows that an annual audit can be performed efficiently and thus cheaper”, says Claus W. Schroder, President of the ATM-LLC. The Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm has made it his doing the task, to offer to the audit for small and medium-sized financial investment intermediaries as simply as possible and practicable. The legislature assumes audit costs amounting to an average 1,700 euros per year for an average financial service providers. On the basis of the framework contract and the standardized procedure Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm offers this service for about 20 percent of less cost.

Those who decide until September 30, 2013 for cooperation, receive an additional discount by 10 percent. But the exact cost must be set for each individual commitment. We are pleased to announce the active part for many years for our House advisors so that a to be able to offer cheaper alternative and feel the Dr. Bischoff & Tann GmbH book audit firm in good hands. “After all, Mr. Peter acts Tann (certified public accountant tax advisors) among others in the Audit Committee for social studies testing the financial investment intermediaries of the industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with Hamburg”, says Claus W. Schroder, President of the ATM-LLC. The management and the partners of ATM American Texas management are around 20 years of experience in the field of direct investments in oil and natural gas sources of from selected locations in the United States working. Here, you can refer to a long-standing positive balance. Currently, management with the multi sources project Spindletop is ATM American Texas”in the placement, investors from $ 24,000 plus five percent agio can participate which. The yields are between 16 and 30 percent per year. A result that can be demonstrated through a variety of similar projects in the past few years.

EUR Square

Tuesday, 11. March 2014

The Magdeburg-based holding company MCM investor concept AG & co. KG currently supports a recently acquired redevelopment East of the Centre of Leipzig. Magdeburg, 03 December 2013. Kansal garden 6, eight superbly equipped apartments and an exclusive penthouse arise on 600 square meters. Stucco, noble parquet and natural stone tiles, as well as State of the art bathroom objects, under-floor heating and extensive technical equipment will adorn the objects in the future. “So the perfect symbiosis is created from historic flair and modern standards of living”, promises the management under CEO Peter Pfeffer. The conceptual groundwork is already running: after completion of project development late this year begins in spring 2014 the refurbishment of the grade II listed building. For the extensive renovation is a total investment amounting to EUR 1.1 million.

Built in 1900, this building is located in close proximity to the Lieselotte-Hermann Park. The future residents thus enjoy all the benefits of urban Living in a sophisticated infrastructure, without sacrificing the closeness to nature. Also the prospects for returns of the investors at the MCM investor concept AG & co. KG are promising. Especially the East German real estate market is on the upswing. The demand for attractive apartments in good Leipzig locations is growing increasingly. Prices between 6.00 and 7.00 euro per square metre for the object Kansal garden 6 are intended as rent planning approach.

Financial Products

Monday, 3. March 2014

You have capital as investment available, as an investor, the diversification of capital is very important. Magdeburg, 11.06.2013 – the distribution of capital to different types of investment and financial products also known as diversification. In the foreground is diminishing the risk of investment in its entirety, what is to be achieved through the distribution of capital to different financial products. Anyone looking for an investment that offers adequate returns and tax advantages, is well advised with a profit participation certificate. The tax effect arises, that the already accrued in the respective price of the certificate of pleasure are included. This method increases the price of a licence of pleasure during a period of interest and falls on the day of the distribution of interest to the accrued interest amount of. Interest rates are here treated as gains: the investor holds his participation for more than 12 months, he can make tax-free income. Generally, an investor with the purchase of a licence of pleasure win the right to participate in the success of a company.

Of the structure and how it works here Participation certificates are a mix of stocks and bonds. Almost all certificates offer a fixed annual interest rate and are therefore comparable to a bond. Whether this interest however is paid depends on the profit of the company. A positive balance sheet result is generated in a year, also no interest payment. For this, but almost all certificates with a payment claim are equipped, i.e. when in the following years, the company achieved positive results, the offbeat interest payments will be made up.

Almost all certificates are issued by banks, so they are very secure in terms of interest payments. Nevertheless, you should place as investors here only on the pleasures of companies with good credit ratings. The risk increased slightly compared to a bond of participation certificates will be rewarded in return with a yield advantage of 1% to 1.5%. Profit participation certificates are a subspecies of the participation certificates. The difference between participation and non-voting is that a profit participation certificate is represented, while profit participation rights unverbrieft remains. The MCM investor Management AG has many years of experience in the business with profit participation rights. Their investors benefit from the MCM investor Management AG acquires real estate projects, which no longer correspond to the market conditions for different reasons. Here it is, for example, listed real estate, which are in need of renovation. These are then optimized according to requirements and sold again. Investors as enjoying legal employer participates in the business success of the company. Certificates offer realistic chance for everyone involved, if fair,”, according to the Magdeburg House. Profit participation rights in real estate companies are in fact secured with property assets and thus provide a higher security as a beneficiary of a manufacturing or service company. As admixture to the diversification of a profitable portfolio participation certificates are a highly recommended resources so, as long as care is taken in their selection on the creditworthiness of the issuing company.