International Monetary Fund

Friday, 27. June 2014

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed reached the gold price over the past year continually new highs. The gold expert of Guido Frings from the Aachen-based precious metals trading of Frings provides a view on the price of gold in 2011. Currently, the United States and several Nations of the European Union of a problematic high public debt and a declining confidence in their creditworthiness are plagued. Fears of currency inflation that they compensate for with a capital transfer in the traditional bullion gold/crisis arising from this situation on the part of many investors. This system behavior has a positive impact on the development of prices of the precious metal. Another positive development indicator comes from the Middle Kingdom. Only recently has become known, that the Chinese Government strengthened the foreign exchange reserves of the country increasingly by gold and reduced so the dependence of the market valuation of the U.S.

dollar, from about mostly holds two trillion in American Treasury bills of. Is China a, other Nations comparable, ten per cent share of physical gold to its foreign currency reserves, it would have to increase his well-known stocks to about 6500 tonnes and more than six times. This plan should strengthen the world market demand for gold in the longer term. Not only the State foreign exchange reserve will benefit from the successful China’s economy. Countless Chinese private investors access to more prosperity and investing increasingly in gold, tend to further increasing the price. The gold price development is always an image of global aggregate demand and production. In this context, although negative factors can be expected for the coming year.

The global economy slowly recovers from the effects of the last great economic crisis and investors achieve again higher returns with investments. If they take this as an opportunity to convert their gold investments in interest-bearing investments, page are from this expected decline in demand and Umgang. In many State budgets have been through the economic Crisis torn big holes. The currently very good Gold rating makes it attractive selling State gold reserves of budgetary consolidation and debt reduction. In fact, there are rumors that the International Monetary Fund, as well as various Nations gold sales on a larger scale plan. This world market supplies would rise with negative consequences for the development of the gold price. Overall show inconsistent factors in relation to the expected gold prices, which recommended selling willing owners of precious metals is to exploit the currently very attractive gold prices to a high gain. The Aachen-based precious metals trading of Frings is all interested parties as fair and trustworthy partner for the valuation and sale of gold available.

Chinese IT Services Provider ISoftStone Goes Public

Thursday, 26. June 2014

The Chinese outsourcing provider iSoftStone headquartered in Beijing went in December 2010 successfully on the New York Stock Exchange. The Chinese outsourcing provider iSoftStone headquartered in Beijing went in December 2010 successfully on the New York Stock Exchange. It was more than sixfold from the venture capital investor InfoTech Pacific capital partners to current market valuation. The private equity fund InfoTech is in the portfolio of Oberhachinger RWB AG. iSoftStone went 10jahrigem growth on the New York Stock Exchange. The Chinese venture capital fund InfoTech in sold a portion of its shares to the IT service provider, where he had participated for the first time in 2005.

InfoTech scoring an eightfold multiple on the invested capital. Taking into account the entire shares of the Fund at the IT companies, these are valued currently total with a sixfold increase in capital employed. The remaining shares can be sold after a holding period. iSoftStone, headquartered in Beijing, had within a few years by the local IT professionals to the global IT service provider with the business areas developed consulting, support and outsourcing. In iSoftStone focuses on close partnerships with IT greats such as IBM, Microsoft, and sharp. ISoftStone together with Microsoft recently opened a development facility for the introduction of IT-based health care services.

The RWB Group specialises in private equity. Founded in 1999, is one of the first initiators, which have made available to exclusive investment programs of the private equity a broad investing public. With over 100 international fund holdings in 16 States and 5 continents the RWB now belongs to the most experienced roof fund investors of in Germany. The RWB is managed by its owners and bank-independent. So it guarantees the independent selection of the world’s most promising investment destinations.

ZyLAB Chief Strategy Officer

Wednesday, 25. June 2014

Hype cycles appreciate for GRC technology and content management ZyLABs software with regard to risk reduction, cost-efficiency and savings Frankfurt, August 30, 2012. ZyLAB, solution provider for E-Discovery and information management, announced today that its software in the latest Gartner report “Hype Cycle for Governance, Risk and compliance technologies 2012” and “hype cycle for content management 2012” has been taken into account. Each the sections with a focus on E-discovery software analysts of the renowned IT market research company enter into solutions on the comprehensive performance of ZyLABs. Overall, both reports come to the conclusion that investing in E-discovery software by that achievable cost savings pays for itself. In particular through that less external E-Discovery service providers and ultimately external lawyers must be paid, the purchase of appropriate software pays for itself. That is the bottom line on the subject of E-discovery from the two reports.

Gartner also notes that information management Software such as E.g. enterprise content archiving (which often provides E-Discovery functionality) can lead to savings in the area of IT storage and labour costs. Hype cycle for governance, risk and compliance technologies 2012 “here, it is reported that companies increasingly have introduced E-discovery software in 2011, while the number is now stagnating between 20% to 50% of the companies. Nevertheless the user started according to Gartner, to ask for more comprehensive products the parts (from identification to processing) or even the entire EDRM (electronic discovery reference model) cover. Specifically ZyLAB is listed in the category of E-discovery software, electronically stored concerning information (ESI – electronically stored information) to the simplification of identification, collection, keeping, processing, testing, analysis and production. Such solutions can be altogether more efficiently fulfill discovery requests. Over three decades, our developing Engineers information management and E-discovery solutions. Place always on collaboration with lawyers and legal institutions, to capture all user requirements”, explains Johannes Scholtes, ZyLAB Chief Strategy Officer.

The fact that we offer complete solutions, ensures us again and again. a placement in prestigious reports like this” Learn more about the E-Discovery and information management technology by ZyLAB. About ZyLAB distribution BV: modular solutions for E-Discovery and enterprise-wide information management, organizations can manage unlimited amounts of data in any format and any language. So, risks can minimize, reduce costs, investigate situations and at the same time increase productivity thanks to intelligent, automated processes. The E-Discovery System of harmony depends on the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) and is business far from corporations, authorities, courts and law firms as well as the other products and services of the company used. Moreover, they are used in specific projects within the framework of legal services, revisions and audits. The systems are available alternatively as SaS (software-as-a-service) model. The company headquarters is in Amsterdam (NL), as well as in McLean, Virginia (United States). In addition, ZyLAB served local markets through offices in New York, Barcelona, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Singapore.

Beloglazov Game

Monday, 23. June 2014

George Beloglazov his Anthesteria performed a small miracle, some songs in the game you want to listen to for hours, repeatedly plunging into an unforgettable atmosphere, as if by magic fancy wreath grows out of sound. Sublustrum contains elements of several styles, from basic perhaps can be identified, steam-punk, with its constant steam boilers, gears and levers, and industralnaya aesthetics, in terms of approach to the different mechanisms with highly artistic side. The very same concept is based on stylistic decadent during the early twentieth century, all the psychedelic images born, as usual, not without the intervention of "special preparation" should refer of course there. Not for nothing is an action game takes place just in 1916, during the heyday of cultural decadence in Russia. Of course, if you withdraw from the lyrics and go to work, then Sublustrum-it is still a quest, and quests, as you know, a role played by all sorts of puzzles. And even here Phantomery What is udivit.Igra filled by different mechanisms, experiments with time, space is even puzzles with sounds, that in itself is interesting. The first task in the game is starting to move into the capsule, "a shimmering world", for example for the need to properly set up several facilities located in the apartment, based on entries from the diaries are scattered there. Another mechanism may be noted that changes the spatial position of the room – rather it makes the walls, floor.

To him "to have" we have to get a funny thing- "The key of time" and use it to return to the past, where we eliminate the cause of failure mehanizma.Podskazki, for the most part are quite transparent and that is not unimportant, seamlessly woven into the overall concept and style of play. Too complex puzzles in Sublustrum you probably will not find, because the game relying more on the story and set the atmosphere, which tend to evaporate if two days to mark one point, thinking "how would I start a this here machine. " The only time that caused me trouble is, perhaps, the Aeolian Harp setting, but then …. But in other matters that I'm telling you, you just have to do is to see and understand, every man for himself … After all a matter of tuning to internal frequency, and Phantomery knew this, of course, knew … …. Source: Quest

RF Government Decree

Sunday, 22. June 2014

So, you decided to go into business and want to register the IP itself. This article will help you with this. To register, you need IE to take the following steps: 1) determine what you will do and pick up NACE codes corresponding to your activity of the classifier, and 2) fill out the form number R21001 (approved by RF Government Decree of 19.06.2002), 3) to decide on your tax system. There are the usual system taxation and simplified. Simplified tax system, in turn, is divided into a simplified system of taxation of income (6%) and a simplified system of taxation revenue, costs (15%). In the event that you plan to lead a normal accounting and tax accounting, as well as you planned permanent high costs, then you no longer fit the system revenue-expenditure, in other cases it makes sense to choose a simplified system taxation of income. 4) complete an application on the transition to a simplified tax system (form 26.2-1); 5) otkserokopirovat your passport (first page and a page with a residence registration).

Please account, if the photocopy of your passport will be 2 pages, these pages should flash, and on the reverse side of the driver to write the phrase "tied together and numbered two (2) of the sheet. The applicant (your name and sign) 6) otkserokopirovat certificate awarding you a TIN (by law a copy of this certificate is not needed, but many fiscal demands it) 7) to pay the state fee for registration of IP at a rate of 800 rubles (Details for payment should be taken by the registering body). In Moscow, the registering authority is IFTS 46 of Moscow, its details are as follows: BCF – 182 108 0701 0 01 1000 110 – state duty for state registration entity, individuals as sole proprietors, the changes made to the constituent documents of legal persons for state registration of the legal person or other legal actions – Beneficiary Bank – Division 1 of Moscow GTU Bank of Russia, Moscow 705 – by 40101810800000010041 – BIC 044583001 – HPI CAT and the recipient of funds – IIFTS Russia 46 of Moscow 7733506810/773301001 – recipient of Federal Treasury in Moscow (IIFTS Russia 46 of Moscow) – code OKATO municipal territorial 45,283,593,000. More information can be found on the website YUTS 'Lawyers and Attorneys in Moscow

Dynamics Constructing

Sunday, 22. June 2014

Dynamics: Constructing a history together N of participants: 10 the 20 The ministrante asks for to that if they feel in semicircle, delivers the first one, a blank leaf ex-officio; it will have to start to write a history any, any thing that pass for its head at the moment, the ministrante will have to interrupt history and always to ask for to pass the leaf to the next one, and thus successively, until arriving at the last participant. In the end, the ministrante will have to count in high voice what all had written together. Moral: To have a good history in any institution, it is necessary connection enters involved in the process, the all must be interacted so that the work in set is favorable to all. This dynamics serves to work democratic management (work in team, project pedagogical politician, meeting of parents and masters, meeting with the pertaining to school community, pedagogical meeting, among others).

Assistant Management

Tuesday, 10. June 2014

Largely determine the success of the excellent service and operational staff work. Today, the combination of speed and quality became real thanks to the opportunities automation restaurant. For successful operation of the restaurant owner should be clear about who is a frequenter of his establishment, what foods and drinks preferred customers are, what unpopular dishes should be removed from the menu on what day of the week peak of visits, and when – lull anyone from waiters visitors prefer, and much more. Carry out an analysis of the restaurant by the same number of parameters manually is practically impossible. In addition, the acute problems of accounting and operational accounting implementation and production of food. Accounting for cooking and their implementation is needed in all catering establishments: in restaurants, and fast food outlets and cafeterias, and hospitals and homes recreation, shops and cafeterias and coffee shops, cinemas, cafes, bars and delicatessens.

It is to solve all these problems and need automation that will effectively manage a restaurant, to accelerate the process of service and reduce the possibility of abuse by staff (primarily theft). Software solution based on the latest three-tier architecture klientservernoy and use the latest advances in Hardware (Touch-screen stations, portable terminals with handwriting input, a local paging) Multivariate analysis enables you to reduce production costs through efficient management and sourcing optimal use of human resources. R-Keeper – a modern computer control system for restaurants, is a powerful tool for the comprehensive control room, warehouse management and time management, excellent Assistant to the owners and financial management.

Assets Values

Tuesday, 3. June 2014

Significant relief for policyholders pressure and media companies, the for the use of GBH media-police decide to receive immediately even more power. Policyholders of the elaborate and often very difficult determination of the current building and machine values as well as the half-products existing in the company and supplies to relieve, Gamal & Berns offers insurance brokers and others specializing in print and media companies? Homann GmbH (GBH) a free determination of the insurance value within the framework of the GBH-media-police. With this additional service is provided in cooperation with the Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG, not only any danger of an excessive premium is not required due to possibly not correctly specified tangible assets, threatening even the risk of under-insurance and existence in the payout amount gaps from this. Expensive experts, which often determine the values on behalf of the company, are also no longer necessary. Each print and media entrepreneur, the working with an insurance company, a broker or a broker, knows the situation from personal experience. So far, involves the determination of the sum of insured, so the value that will be paid as a machine in the case of the more inability or total loss, the responsibility lies with the policyholder. Before conclusion of the contract, he must determine how much his real estate, machines, and also its stocks are worth based on purchase documents and data from the market (indices).

It is time or organisationally unable, even though he can an expert consult, often identifying the full-length continues however and high fees. Incorrect data collected but not only that: being made the survey itself or a reviewer for example from banks or from the tax, it is easy, not the new relevant for insurance, but merely the collateral value is determined and disclosed. So could for example values from a leasing business, which are not in the fixed assets, forgotten or interpreted incorrectly.

High Potential For Optimization: Maintenance Depots

Monday, 2. June 2014

Also maintenance warehouses applies: ‘value-creating activity’ today it is so that there is security of supply cannot be guaranteed despite an enormous capital. For the Leistungsbebiet, this means that maintenance concepts are developed and implemented, it is best to train the competing goals of capital costs and security of supply. Exactly this it is currently ailing in very many companies. In addition an audacious business approach: maintenance material is rapidly amortized in accordance with the tax regulations, this leads to immense hidden reserves. Also for the material details the destruction of the capital cannot be stopped. Can appear in a broad practice project. In a broad-based Praxisprojet and a realized project benefits a high concurrency exhibit. Speed and precision of data are the success factors.

The comprehensive inventory was supported by a specially developed software application. Only thus could the above mentioned Price-performance ratio are realized. Handmade”is linked to an efficient IT solution. Qualified personnel must be able to identify the stored material and to determine the maintenance characteristics, as well as the corresponding values. This data documentation is already part of the IT solution. This is part of the comprehensive application of the IFCC.

Officers who perform the validation, classification and Attributisierung of this information of of part of, have direct access to the database. Another advantage of this IT-based”approach is that the material master data according to a uniform scheme are constructed and can be enriched at any time. Thus, a master data harmonization is achieved, which allows detection of duplicates. The definition of material master data is time consuming and carries a high potential for controversy in itself. “To avoid such frictions, are in the projects a few must-have” data and a series of can “data the inventory team suggested. Is that more features are necessary, they can be subsequently insert. Thus, it is ensured that the maintenance concepts constantly can be written on, to reach a constant value flow optimization. This is possible today only a very limited, since the corresponding information is not available and so can be also not updated and evaluated there is virtually no material economic maintenance. In addition to the master data, transaction data are like and disposals, absolutely necessary so these have to be documented and update. The software used this, but very different tasks to be carried. I realised this approach effects are only sustainable if benefit also the employees affected in the camp. Therefore, a bar code application was developed and installed exactly for this case. Each storage location is equipped with a bar-code enabled label. The storage area, as well as its content”can be find a Terminal. To search for are can material designations, after buzz words, abbreviations, according to individual characteristics, even after storage locations. Commissioning can be as well to capture a storage optimization is possible at any time. An important requirement of the employees is that they can continue to use their own terminology for the acceptance of essential. The evaluations are the standardized names, shopping malls, etc available. A specific Materialzu-or finish can be documented via bar code scanner or a bar-code enabled material removal Bill. At any time, you can retrieve current stocks. Storage-related and cross-bearing evaluations are possible as well as the allocation of material to a functional location or the construction of a material BOM. “As for the management activities the criterion of value-generating” conductive, are cross-bearings