Tuesday, 30. September 2014

Combination of pastel colors (pink with pale blue, blue with a dull yellow …) are good for recreation. White soothes and clearly visible at dusk, when the red and blue colors look dark. In addition, in the background is better visible colors are bright, and blue colors in the distance give the depth of space, which expands it. Red and yellow tones visually bring to us the place where they grow. This is important when planting large plots, and short or long and narrow. Of course, most important when choosing Color – vision. However, we should not forget that the flower may also have a track and odors. Since.

even just a wonderful aroma may be unpleasant for you as a result of individual characteristics, flavors on a bed must meet the criteria of your personal perception. And then the fragrant flower garden is better positioned where you are long or regularly walk past. Good supplement composition of fragrant flowers shrubs. Bushes heavily slows down the wind and the smell of a long time carried away. Also, the fragrance will be stronger if put together plants with similar odors. The classic combination: the scent of roses and the smell of Lavant catnip. The layout of flower beds can be in the landscape style or classic (regular), depending on the chosen style of landscape garden design, site as a whole. Landscaped flower arrangements – is mixborders, groups, arrays, the composition of rocks, rockeries and alpine slides.

Regular flower arrangements – it's beds, ridges, curbs and tapeworms. Flower beds can be one-sided: if the flowers are high in the background, and more low flowers closer to the point of perception. Flowerbeds examine from all sides. A flower bed – it's a flower garden of regular geometric shape, ascending to the center where the highest planted flowers. You can make a raised flower bed or flower garden, placing it at a height of, for example, 0,5 m from ground level. Flower garden can be arranged in a street pot. Particularly noteworthy are perennial flowers. Perennial flowers vary in height: low, medium, high. Perennial flowers in contrast to annual flowers do not bloom for so long, but samovozobnovlyayutsya each season (their lifetime is not limited to one season). Many perennial flowers multiply by division. Dividing perennial plants – mandatory procedure. If perennial flowers for a long time not to divide, there is a loss of decorative qualities. A brief description of some undemanding perennial flowers, if your flowers are grown with the retreat of the above rules, upset is not worth it. After all, the garden variety of colors interspersed with the green grass, trees, foliage, and they smooth out the roughness and inharmonious combination of volumes and shapes. The main thing is that the next flower bed or flower garden will have a better earlier. And if you yourself can not deal with the placement of flowers, please contact the professionals: landscape design and gardening

International Living Magazine

Monday, 29. September 2014

Unlike other countries in Central America and even from different Nations South Americans, this delightful Republic has managed to maintain a financial system that has the US dollar as its currency base and this undoubtedly mark a path of stability, a safe path for those who decide to live in Panama. Many citizens of the United States and even Canada in addition to hundreds of Europeans have already chosen its resting place, place of summer resort on the shores of the Caribbean to the North or in the Great Ocean Pacific that bathes the South of the country and the majority finally concluded that living in Panama more than a good business is a choice of life. Either as a second home or as a cost-effective investment the acquisition of real estate in the Republic of Panama seduces every year more people within which are those who have decided to retire from the labour or commercial activity and are in retirement plans. But also and just that is, many people had decided to move to live in Panama with their young children to provide them with the opportunity to grow in a natural and safe environment while they carry out their activities in one of the most powerful financial centers from across America. Finally, the very favorable cost of living by monetary balance, the advantages of a tax regime that provides many benefits to investors and a very good health system with different pathologies care centres and some of the best options in physical rehabilitation clinics points when deciding to live in Panama. The prestigious International Living Magazine highlights excellent options for the purchase of apartments in the same Panama City are available for values lower than $100 thousand and that can be a very good standard of living with $1500 a month which undoubtedly shows us an attractive panorama with views to come to live in Panama. It is to think about again and again.

Wilfried Beneke

Monday, 15. September 2014

Beneke AG invests in the future benefits and more services for customers of Eitorf, June 22, 2010. With an increase of capital to 150,000 euro Beneke AG will one of the leading secondary market consulting firm, closed-end funds in Germany, the basis for an expansive development. “CEO Wilfried Beneke says: the investment associated with the capital increase also in economically depressed times, mean above all benefits and services for old and new customers.” The strengthening of the capital of Beneke AG allows the expansion of services for fund investors. At the same time, it underlines the confidence in the proven team and the business concept of Bai AG. With the additional capital, Beneke invests in information technology, consulting software and additional services for Beneke customers. At the same time, Bahadur intensified in training predominantly academically trained.

For us, a long-term customer relationship at high quality of advice is more important than for example, in the short term to earn”so Beneke often excessive commissions. Products gepuschte with high commissions or those where investor rights are circumcised, are not recommended by us.” In the Internet, Bahadur with the free trading platform provides access to all closed-end funds. This offer is extended with a digital Fund folder for the customers. His personal home account”, the customer may then at any time and from any Internet access safe and free of charge all his systems monitor, optimize and change. Still most important business field, however, remains the second market of closed-end Fund. Especially in difficult times, a premature sale of Fund investments for many investors is extremely important.

The independent Beneke second market AG provides the offered shares to the highest possible market price. While she checks the entire market for every request. This distinguishes them from competitors and issuing houses only for a buyer or for its own account buy a. H.v.Lieres


Sunday, 14. September 2014

Akura capital management AG informed about opportunities of direct investments in raw materials and manufacturing companies Wurzburg, in May 2010: high profit opportunities at the same time manageable risks this goal can be achieved Group to experience the Akura especially direct investments in high-growth companies. In the personal plans of Akura capital management AG, profit participation certificates and private-placement solutions represent therefore not only an element of diversification, but one of the decisive factors of yield. The Akura Group informed about the possibilities and opportunities of participation schemes for entrepreneurs and investors. Private participation schemes as an alternative to bank-based corporate financing are becoming increasingly important. “Especially since the end of 2006 the new capital requirements framework for banks also known as Basel II” have been implemented by the national banks, the benefits of equity options are becoming increasingly clear. Private equity compared to traditional bank loans is so not only flexible, but also depends on rating criteria of less. Other advantages resulting from its special tax and commercial use. The participation concept of the Akura group foresees in particular investments in the form of participatory rights or as a private placement.

High-risk venture capital investments, however, are not expressly provided for. Parallel investment in substance-strong company of manufacturing and production industry are made on the part of the Akura group of companies, which can expect a sustained positive business development. The principle of diversification applies Group at the Akura so also in the shareholdings Division full. Companies from the raw materials and precious metals sector focus strictly sachwertlich-oriented investment policy of the Akura following group of companies, the investment portfolio of the Akura Sachwert plans. When selecting their investment partners the Akura group focuses on specific recommendations by lawyers or occurs even in direct contact with potentially in question upcoming companies.

This the Akura analyzes the latest market reports group continuously, yielding direct investment opportunities to quickly recognize and realise for their investors. An influence on management decisions does not perform basically the Akura group here. The entrepreneur so retains full sovereignty over the operative business for the duration of the participation. Entrepreneurs who wish to learn about the participation of Akura group, can agree personal interviews, Tel. 0931-404 18 11 or by E-Mail at. About the Akura Group operates Akura capital management company since 2000 (Akura II capital management AG since 2004, Akura III and IV since 2010) in the areas of business shares investment funds, investments, securities, real estate and alternative investments. In their investment decisions, the managers of the Akura track a strict group of companies Diversification strategy. A part of the deposits is invested in short-term money market deposits, time deposits and securities, to secure the liquidity of the companies. The products of Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management are considered basic dividend with 6.25 per cent highly profitable. For the quality of the customer service, the Akura was awarded 2009 group of companies with the quality seal of the European consumer consulting (EBCON). Sandra Schinnerling conducts the business of Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management AG. If you have questions relating to investor Dieter Hans farmer is answer. The companies of the Akura group is Wurzburg. Contact Akura capital management AG Dieter Hofbauer-Max-born-str. 19 97080 Wurzburg telephone: 0931 / 404 18 11 fax: 0931 / 404 43 84 E-Mail: Internet:

Bank Investment

Sunday, 14. September 2014

Next is a project manager who needs to know that for the whole duration of the project it will receive the necessary tools for project development, project manager for a major to complete the project successfully, and value of internal rate of return, and what the net present value will be at the end of the project, the indicator of the manager, the principal – the number of successful projects, not their NPV. It turns out that accounting business plan immediately inserted error, depending on who is and for whom. Now go to the very stage of investment. With a balanced approach to investing funds in the project, in which all the indicators efficiency is very effective to pay attention to the project team. The project team should be formed, energized and united. The net present value of the project will be a person who works in this business, more than a beginner.

Why? Because even to take control of an apartment house, who pulled out of this project, more profitability, experienced realtor, or just a private investor who buys a house and will be wait until the market price of the house will rise. Also selected for investment projects which would not have been economic branch, everywhere for the success of investment should be a team to pull the project at the top and squeeze out of a maximum NPV. We now turn to the search of objects for investment. An alternative for investors – the bank rate, the investor may at any time to get that invested his entire project instead of cereal in Bank. Accordingly, the percentage who brings the project should be substantially higher than the bank. Take Europe, then the largest bank deposit three percent of business that brings fifteen percent is not something that successful, but very personal, so that foreign capital is present in Russia, where even for a short period of time can raise this percentage. Search for a property for investment should take place under professional supervision consultants, who calculate and control every step of the project, consultants have to pay, but it's better than losing your investment, investing in an unspecified project.

Same Language

Saturday, 13. September 2014

History shows us that the language differences away people and thus puts them barriers are psychological. Evidenced by the Tower of babel with the amount of conflicts and desorganizaciones that the languages appeared as soon watered everywhere. Why in Spain speaks your language, facilitating understanding and relationship, and making more friendly London flights and flights to Madrid. The identity of persons is essential so that things work properly, making the similarities become an apology for approaching, promoting teamwork and collaboration in a natural and spontaneous way. Nothing better to do business with people who like us and like us, that without speaking he understands us perfectly, and strives to serve in the best way. When we refer to speak the same language, we do reference inter alia to the following: having things in common, aspects that serve more to join that to disengage, profiles that they integrate and invite you to interact and share.

Pursue similar values such as reliability, the kindness, the service, respect, the delivery and the passion for doing things right and fulfil the duty. Mutual knowledge to facilitate the approach and offer added values, be wise in the offer and insightful arguments. If you want to travel to the fixed, with experts that you understand and speak your language, so that the pleasure of scrolling you charged energy and positivisimo, looking for the airline of your confidence and their multiple destinations across Europe. Insurance that give you what you want, and you deserve: agility, understanding, value, nearness, personalization and much human warmth. London, Paris, Madrid, Rome and many other places we will be waiting, according to the route and with the best advice.

Procel Stamp Efficiency

Saturday, 13. September 2014

He is intent in the hour to buy a duplex refrigerator. It is of utmost importance to analyze the Procel Stamp well that must come attached to the household-electric one. It mentions itself which the energy efficiency of that household-electric one. The effective law compels all that household-electric of the white line, this includes coolants, stoves and microwaves, has its proven energy efficiency through these stamps that characterize the efficiency of the device, quantifying on average the consumption of the same of electric energy. These measures come to the meeting with what the world starts to think about question the economy of natural resources. All we have the accurate notion of that the nature simply does not resist the recent and constant consumption of its recusos, and educative measures and obstrusivas the industry must be taken.

The products of the white line are one of the main consumers of electric energy, together with electric chuveiros. Thus these products come being white of many and successive regulatory regulations on the part of agency diminishing the consumption. The Procel stamp comes of meeting to this thought when it demonstrates to the consumer the efficiency of a household-electric one. It confers an explanation on as the Procel stamp functions.

Productive Intelligence

Friday, 12. September 2014

This scene persists in our time, but of one it forms oppressor, disqualified and antiethical, blocking talentos, innovative abilities and ideas. The man and the work are permeados by a socializador and ethical environment that if reproduces in the actions and activities of the individual with different sensorial points of view, that they are only different at the same time, that it renews yourself to each moment. The man cannot be seen as an extension of the machines that to each moment the society discards, for understanding outdated, and finally without utility, in way to the technological advance. The man possesss as main production its knowledge, through its partner-cultural luggage in acquired experiences, as to be only in the conviviality in society, acting and contributing of some form with Intelligence and productivity. METHODOLOGY For the development of Productive Intelligence requires to question, to reconstruct and to innovate production ideas, through the desconstruo in reflexivas activities that contextualize the diverse factors that involve the citizen. The Pedagogo professional has as question the displacement of its comodista thought, to the Intelligent and productive man of ethical and moral positioning of knowledge and man world becoming a transforming agent.

For the context of this work the studied authors defined themselves on the basis of who ' ' Produtiva&#039 intelligence; ' it possesss three main aspects that are: . Active I.P: The man possesss as essence the productive process of abstract or symbolic form in the gestures, the language, the independent writing or as professional of its knowledge, and that he develops yourself until the end of its life. He must be observing, questionadora, has the education as parameter for thoughts and attitudes of possibilities, must possess desconstrutivos objectives of what it seems to be obvious. b. Formative I.P: The man independe of its intellectuality in elapsing of its history the citizen constructs to its luggage partner? cultural and he contributes for the new to teach and to learn; in what it says (FREIRE, 2005 P.

Portable Games

Tuesday, 9. September 2014

On the day for today's important was to play portable games, sometimes even more interesting than the modern, demanding more resources from your computer or laptop. A huge plus of these games is that their huge online and the number of portable game download free, you can quickly, easily, without registration and sms. The second is not insignificant, plus portable games is that they do not need to install, they work fine with the stick, having only one file, not download system, are protected from viruses. Actually, portable games are primarily used for workers who work in offices. Usually, good companies, administrators, prohibits the installation of any software or games on working computer or laptop. But you can just cheat and not get reprimanded: you have to download the portable games at home, upload to your flash drive, then come to work, plug the stick into the connector usb, download to your computer or laptop, or run straight to it (the stick) before the downloaded portable game.

So, you enjoy the game in his spare time. Portable game will be relevant to those players who did not realize or do not want to think to install games on a PC or laptop, sometimes It can not make even an experienced gamer. Enough to type in any search engine portable games for free," go to the proposed sites, choose your favorite game and download it. Mainly portable games have no great weight than full versions of games, usually from 10 to 300Mb. This allows you to fit the size of the portable game on a flash drive is not taking up much space. Portable games are compressed full version games, allowing fully complete the game in one sitting are not limited demo versions.


Sunday, 7. September 2014

Natural green stabilizes state, activates the mind, gives confidence. Blue and blue, though calm, but not desirable for children with a tendency to depression. Reclusive, restless children fits yellow. It facilitates communication and increases speed of visual perception. That's purple and orange in large quantities can cause fatigue and even dizziness. Do not get involved in the black and white – the colors of deadness and discouragement. In general, failure color combination can cause discomfort, fatigue or even protest.

What colors dominate the room of your child? C: Tan tone, light green, brown tones. Blue, blue. A: In the classic test, Luscher (Diagnosis of personality on preferred color), it is believed that brown is responsible for the comfort of a homely atmosphere. But, really, the colors should be soft and at the same time must attend a contrast. In my children in the room brownish-yellow scale, for example … AS: Bright spots are mandatory! For example, I do not accept the monotonous light furniture.

No emphasis is boring and not positive. Let there will be red, purple, burgundy … I still love to change the curtains – a general 'picture' corrects. A: It would be nice not to forget the little lamps. Because in 4-5 years, there are fears the baby, he needs a little light. As in the children's furniture reflects the attitude of the child in the family? And furniture can bring? A: Children, of course, shows how the family belong to the child. For example, immediately clear when the child is in the center, when he – the most important. Or a child – the same person, just a little, he has his own room, has its own rules, he can close his door and say, 'I want to be alone' and it will be ok and received with respect parents. It is his intimate space, his world. If the parents support it, man develops harmoniously. And realizes that he is not happy to have so many. Or that when he grows up, will be able to afford whatever he wants. If he is free to express their desires now. It would be easy to make decisions based of taste and education. From the cradle to the bench with a Jacuzzi with some leather vibrokreslom. Of education depends on how the child will grow to exacting degree of comfort. IM: I'd like to quote Sukhomlinsky: 'Education – this is a repetition of the great art in person. " What is a parent, it is probably so, and repeats itself in their children. For example, if male-female love luxury, they and the child will be in it kupat.Kto Some believe the world's money evil, so they will keep the kids' in a black body. " In vsehraznye concept. Sasha's believes that the pampered child well, I, by contrast, do not think so. C: must indulge, but in moderation. What is important is the golden mean.