First Target Investment

Saturday, 29. November 2014

Biodiesel production plant for CEHATROL is placed on the way Berlin, December 11, 2009. Next month delivered the first production site on the way. With a co-investor, the Berlin-based company invested fuels EC the CEHATROL in a production plant for synthetic diesel fuel. First investment target should be an investment in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania with 7.5 million liters per year overall performance. The commissioning of the first stage of expansion with approximately 3.5 million litres scheduled for second quarter 2010 end, the second stage of development with approximately 4.0 million litres is taken until March 30, 2011 in operation.

The planned investment volume of the company amounted to up to EUR 15 million per site. When a scheduled maturity of 20 years, the company expects dividends by almost eight per cent from 2012. The annual dividends are expected at about 8 percent, rising to 14.75 percent. Members can be from a minimum of 100 euro (plus 10 percent admission) expect a total payout of projected 205 percent. More information do you find under

Social Media

Thursday, 27. November 2014

Study: Reluctant application of financial communication in the Web 2.0 Berlin – January 26, 2010: even though 60 percent of German companies in the Internet use social media applications for your corporate communication, investor relations about this communicated little information. Currently only 13 percent of the DAX companies are active in financial communications. “The investor comes to this conclusion the study social media as new instruments relations – chances, limits and perspectives” a group of Master students of business communication in the professional investor relations at the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin. UK as bottom in social media, the study examines how many companies apply to social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs) in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom use and how high is the intensity of communication in the area of investor relations. While 93 percent of the 30 are active largest Dow Jones Company in the social media field, relations are investor related information only about 10 percent of the Applications communicate. In the UK, use the 30 largest companies of the FTSE generally (61 percent) only one application for their corporate communications and remain without any activity in the investor relations. Kalish. “Missing target groups overlap in the Web 2.0 social media tends although part of corporate communication to become firmer, the Company Act but still very cautious in the investor relations”, master student Henry Schroder (28) summarizes the results.

Here he refers to restrictive legal framework conditions, as well as lack of audience overlap between current users of social media and the financial community. In addition, social media, to achieve the institutional investors and analysts, is currently not. Information about the Bachelor of business communications presentation of the results of the study can be downloaded free of charge on business communication This Web 2.0 platform to serve the exchange between science and industry and the Promote economic communication by students of the HTW Berlin there publish papers and material from the study. Contact Andreas KoSTER Runge str. 22-24, 10179 Berlin Tel. 0177 2833235 fax 030 76403227

Investment Advice

Saturday, 22. November 2014

Strict code of honour of the investor publishing helps the readers of our financial publications for more safety. Bonn, November 2009. For 13 years, the investor Publisher provides exclusive and profitable first and foremost analysis which not only thoroughly researched, but are especially objective readers. Every type of investor, whether risk-joyful day traders or conservative investor, small shareholder or professional trader, you will find the offer for him in the extensive publishing of investor seminars and exchange letters. The editors are among the best experts in the industry and follow the most stringent code of ethics in finance. We have imposed this code ourselves, because we want to distinguish us from other providers.

Thus we protect our readers at the same time and can offer the best possible service”, publishing Director Sandra Witscher summarizes the key points. Six points which inspire confidence code of investor Publisher of comprehensive six points is a combination of customer service, safety and independence. In detail, these are: The Publisher is not in principle with securities. “This in turn means, that shares and funds with the recommendations not pushed” can be. The Exchange services is completely ad-free. Thus, they are not influenced by banks, funds, financial service providers, or issuers.

The performance of the stock market letter is documented by an independent controlling company. Thus, it is guaranteed that so-called performance numbers have really been achieved. The internal agreements are more stringent than the securities trading act. These strict principles of behavior include, for example, the strict adherence to the rules against insider trading. All suggestions and contributions of the Exchange services will be checked by at least two additional, competent and independent experts. Until they are published. The customer service is taken seriously. Via email service, for example, questions are answered very promptly by the financial experts and editors. You answer to the Exchange services as well as the regular readers Readers meeting or consultation on the telephone all open questions. Who would like to learn more about the Publisher, the range and the experts, can find out more on the Internet at. Press contact: Oliver KuSTER investor publishing, a division of FID Verlag GmbH, Koblenz road 99, 53177 Bonn phone: 02 28 / 8205 7718 fax: 02 28 / 8205 5756 Internet: E-Mail: background facts: the investor Publisher ( with seat in Bonn Bad Godesberg is a specialist publisher of financial information services with currently 45 regularly appearing publications. The offer aimed primarily at individuals and includes print publications, E-Mail services, as well as free E-Mail newsletter with financial and stock market information.

Otmar Knoll

Saturday, 22. November 2014

fairvesta Holding AG the Tubinger fairvesta group can report a further participation of institutional wholesale investor in one of their funds. So a foreign pension fund invested due diligence involving all corporate results of the last few years three million euros after an extensive in the fairvesta sixth real estate holding company GmbH & co. KG (fairvesta VI). Thus an institutional investor has participated for the third time a Fund of the fairvesta group of companies. Already two years earlier a pension fund had invested 25 million euros in the context of a private placement at fairvesta.

Again we have highest emphasis that there is between the investors special nor participation rights beyond the usual”, says Otmar Knoll by the fairvesta group of companies, and prides itself on the highest level of trust that is placed in fairvesta again and again. We convince with numbers, data, facts, which are investors in the personal He says dialogue can inform”. Already two years ago, had also this pension fund is the result of fairvesta longer and then went to on the Tubingen real estate agents. For institutional investors our funds offer an alternative to riskier investments increasingly, as we perform in the double-digit range for years without having to take significant volatility in buying”, explains the Knoll real estate specialist. Take as hardly another company can fairvesta purchase, trade in real estate in the living to be specializing in Office and commercial area in whole Germany. The previously presented performance convinced on the basis of the results obtained. Previous projections suggest now that in 2009 despite financial and real estate crisis is likely to be the most successful in the company’s history”, says Knoll. But on his successes the resourceful Swabian company wants to be resting. For this reason their product line has expanded fairvesta during the year significantly and now offers the classic”on real estate investments a real estate term Fund as well as a participation which invests in holiday luxury real estate in Spain. All Fund sectors remains fairvesta but true to its principle and potential benefits of shopping passes to the Fund subscribers. Information about the company:

Investment Real Estate

Saturday, 22. November 2014

Architectural monuments – investment real estate are especially monument AfA allows above-average saver options for listed buildings in comparison with old and new buildings by depreciation of the Sanierungskostenso the Immvaria GmbH. real estate also offer inflation protection and experience often attractive appreciation. An investment in real estate is one in every investment and retirement mix. The possibilities, than to invest in real estate investment, are very diverse so the specialists of Immovaria GmbH in Nuremberg. One of the most financially attractive investments is the acquisition of listed homes: as soon as they are officially recognized as a historical monument, they allow their owners attractive Steuersparmoglichkeiten by the depreciation of the costs of remediation for the object. The German State, which is often financially unable able to adequate monument protection, rewards the investment in this type of real estate tax and thus supports the preservation of the objects for future generations. In the last week were finished by the Immovaria GmbH again core refurbished grade II listed real estate in Hamburg and Dresden and passed to the new owner.

Legal basis of depreciation costs of remediation for an investment in real estate listed are the sections 7 h and 7i EStG as well as $10f (income tax Act). Investors can do according to the Immovaria GmbH using depreciation the clean-up costs for listed buildings over 12 years tax claims, the IRS grants an own user this way for 10 years. The investment in other homes enables depreciation on this scale does not: while existing buildings and new buildings only per year 2 or 2.5 percent to tax depreciation, the depreciation of the cost of renovation of own-use monument real estate within ten years 90 percent includes. Legal basis of depreciation costs of remediation for an investment in real estate listed are the sections 7 h and 7i EStG as well as $10f (Income tax law): investors can make through depreciation of the clean-up costs for listed buildings over 12 years tax claims, the IRS grants an own user this way for 10 years. The investment in other real estate allows depreciation on this scale isn’t the Immovaria GmbH: while existing buildings and new buildings only per year 2 or 2.5 percent to tax depreciation, the depreciation of the cost of renovation of own-use monument real estate within ten years 90 percent includes. The Immovaria GmbH was founded by directors of renowned companies in the construction and real estate industry. The Immovaria GmbH as a specialist in the field of mediation of listed real estate is pressed in the focus. The trend-setting concept of Immovaria GmbH aims to create long-term stable values for investors and owner-occupiers.

To do this, the Immovaria GmbH acquires objects, then by the Immovaria GmbH and its affiliates Monument just renovated, divided up and sold. Immovaria GmbH is Nuremberg. Stephan str. 6a 90478 Nuremberg Immovaria GmbH phone: 0911 2398330 fax: 0911 23992019 E-Mail: