Financial Crisis

Sunday, 27. December 2015

Applications for the University course ‘Real estate fiduciary management and property management’ are still possible the Austrian real estate market was so far little affected by the turbulence in the financial market. The current economic situation calls for still sustainable and economic stimulating measures. The real estate sector is ideally suited to such additional economic impetus. The unstable situation on the financial markets has already led to increased direct investment in real estate. This is also the need for highly qualified individuals who are active in the real estate industry.

Generally, the issue of training has grown importance in recent years as an investment in the future. The TU Vienna for 20 years an academic education for the real estate industry offers almost the complete tools for a successful career in the real estate industry. “Initially as a college course technology and law in property management” designed, two evolved from this “” University courses: the postgraduate MSc program in real estate management and valuation “and the certified utility trust estate and property management”. Last known course includes a solid real estate economic base training at university level. Specific knowledge in the areas of real estate and timeshare, construction and Haustechnik, evaluation, financing and project management and real estate fiduciary management are taught in addition to legal and economic knowledge. The four-semester study concludes with the title academic / r ImmobilienberaterIn and LiegenschaftsmanagerIn”off. Also the qualification to exercise the property trust sector associated with the positive conclusion of the course and adequate practice time.

Application deadline for the course 20 March 2009 already for the 12th start time is 12 February 2009 contact and more information: Technical University of Vienna like continuing education center. Verena Salim Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Wien T: + 43 (0) 1 58801 41704 F: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41799 E: h: CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTER at the TU Vienna your competent partner for career hunger and thirst for knowledge, we see our mission is to unlock the full potential of a technical scientific training graduates. We open up new occupational fields in economic life according to relevant practice initiatives personalities. “We develop tailor-made training programmes together with initiatives of companies and institutions. Together, we confront the adventures of innovation and technological change also on competitive, but always interesting markets. “Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans Kaiser of the postgraduate study to the in-depth seminar we watch us on the intensity of your needs.” Our unique expertise at the interface between technology and economy, between innovation and market, ensures a balanced and always up-to-date portfolio of training programs in conjunction with our international network.

Building Societies

Saturday, 26. December 2015

Now is the right time for your own four walls! Building society saving has lost in recent years extremely viewing, because many clients connect to this type of construction financing with a dusty and little attractive image. Building societies had with declining figures, stagnant development and poor reputation. But while markets around the world tormented groan in the global financial crisis, it has proved for the savings a blessing. The current instability in the financial markets has transformed virtually back the savings overnight in a worthwhile investment. To be on the safe side with their capital and to minimize, the Verlustriskio many consumers put now prefer their money at conservative institutions. Thus, the savings in terms of financial security again enjoys an excellent image, because building society saving takes place independently of the capital market. Reports on the industry, that is the number of closed accounts at the private funds during the month of September has increased by almost 20% compared to the prior year. That is a considerable number of new shops, as they no longer have occurred in the construction savings for years.

The cash payouts have increased 08 16% to over 22 billion euros in the period from January to September. At the end of the year is expected to record results in terms of savings withdrawals. However, it remains to hope that consumers not by the financial crisis in hasty actions have settle crowd, but in advance the tariffs have thoroughly compared the savings. Because the concept is a product that can vary considerably depending on the provider in its conditions, in particular as regards the yield during the savings phase. Now is the right time for your own four walls! At the end of a construction financing, on long maturities such as about 20 years recommends recourse, because these have become significantly cheaper. More information around the topic of construction financing: sites/baufinanzierung.html savings the first step in the home all about savings, please visit the following pages: sites/bauspardarlehen.html

Financial Crisis LPG Conversion

Tuesday, 22. December 2015

The renowned Berlin conversion workshop LPG Professional offers from immediately upgrading and repair of all models offers the renowned Berlin conversion workshop LPG professional immediately conversion and repair of all models, including common brands such as BRC, Landi Renzo, Prins, so fully sequential systems, but especially also on older producers such as venturi gas systems E.g. by Autronic and just (for Mono point and petrol engines). The conversion to LPG allows the customer to a clean and secure investment in the future especially in times of financial crisis because by 2018, the mineral oil tax on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is fixed. This allows not only the budget but also the environment. LPG professional care in the interest of the client to all aspects, so installation, repairs and, LPG professional what differentiates from its competitors, repair, adjustment and maintenance of all manufacturers, year of make and models, including old Mono point systems. At two locations in Berlin, the customer is knowledgeable and friendly advise and in the new online shop at he or his workshop can order the necessary parts quickly and safely. LPG professional can provide spare parts or whole plants, each model is usually available within 3 working days if it is not already in the camp.

Adequate Investment

Sunday, 20. December 2015

Fine jewelry pieces at the jewelry store of Yorxs discover diamonds, sparkling, rare stones fans has always been the ladies. Diamond jewellery pieces are in demand not only in the women. Also in the financial sector, have taken an important place in loose diamonds and are a popular investment. The annual production of diamonds is about 24 tons. Yet few new diamond fields are accessed and therefore is to be expected with any discount for loose diamonds. The demand for diamond jewellery and diamonds permanently increases for years. In difficult times such as the financial crisis or euro crisis, the demand for Wertbestandigem such as gold or diamonds.

According to experts is to be reckoned with added value and price increases for diamond jewelry. Put on loose diamonds every diamond is unique. No stone is like the others, which also complicates the substitutability of diamonds. Diamonds not unlike the luxury goods such as houses or cars lose value. A diamond does not lose its value, but it increases with the time also yet. Diamonds as a very stable in value on the already showed in the past. In the future, diamonds be regarded by experts as a perfect investment. Even in times of inflation, Gold provides security, which is why many people invest in gold.

Diamond jewelry pieces offer the possibility of diversification and are easily transportable due to its rarity, it is to assume an increase in value in the future. She make a popular investment for investors. The four C’s to decide the value of a loose diamond. The four C’s stand for the following: the cut (cut), purity (clarity), the weight (Carat) and color (colour). Diamond jewelry should be provided with internationally recognized certifications such as Hooge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These certificates have diamonds from the House of Yorxs. Online jeweler of Yorxs – we love diamond online jewelry store of Yorxs with location in Munich is specialized in diamond jewelry. The Internet jeweler offers first-class advice around the topic of diamond jewelry. After the criteria such as grinding or Carat can be searched using the configurator. So you can quickly after the matching diamond jewellery – whether engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earrings or pendants look and specially put them together. High transparency for diamond prices allows the configurator. Yorxs works just-in-time, what has resulted, that diamond prices are up to 70% off the retail prices. In addition to gold, loose diamonds among the most sought after money assets. The offer of Yorxs there are also loose diamonds. Whether investment or appropriate piece of jewelry, the expert team of Yorxs advise. The customers will receive data regularly by phone, chat or mail. In the library of expertise on the Web page also everything you need to know about the gems can be read. Yorxs adheres strictly to the Kimberly process, who was appointed by the United Nations in the life 2000 among others. Only diamonds come their way perfectly comprehensible is from the mine to the consumer in the trade.

Money Plants Variants – Variants Of Investment

Friday, 18. December 2015

A comparison of some investment of options there are many ways to invest his money. Who is here but not well informed, runs the risk that some interest gains lost him. Possible investments offer fixed and overnight options. Time deposits are known for their high interest rate. On the Internet you may contact well, what banks earn the best returns. The current direct banks are a tip here because here currently high interest income can be achieved.

In contrast to a day money account, where the money is available daily, fixed-term deposits have a longer fixed term. You should only choose fixed-term deposits with long-running if the money is not needed in the short term. At longer maturities, the deposit suggests, for example, the day money account with much higher interest payments to length. A comparison to the different financial investments worth variants. Investment funds are another form of the investments.

With the acquisition of fund shares to invest in various markets with more or less Diversification for the capital. This good returns can be longer term seen, generate. In the Internet you can consult the many direct banks. Also, online brokers are a good choice. In contrast to the local banks here has a much larger selection of products. Also, the custody account management at banks is much more expensive than the direct banks. A comparison can be worthwhile, because for the purchase of fund shares typically an initial fee has to be paid. Some direct banks and online brokers do this, so that there is no unnecessary costs here. Another advantage is that the order for the purchase of fund units can run online much faster than if you, only need to ask for an appointment at the local bank. Mutual funds can achieve high returns over time. A reputable direct bank reduces the risk of losses by investing the Fund as safe companies. Possible variations are here whenever possible, there Stock prices never surely can be considered.


Thursday, 17. December 2015

Lift operators invest 8.5 million in snow and lifts further investments to expand tab under Highlands one of the most ambitious projects is sure to build the snow-making system in the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg for two million euros. On the Winterberger, Cap, directly adjacent to the bobsled run and bike park ensures a powerful snow making system long sustained winter happiness. To know more about this subject visit Sheryl Sandberg. A 40,000 cubic metres complete reservoir with a pump house and 24 new snow guns cover within a few hours with snow in the future two more runs. Including the 500-metre long slalom slope, a real tradition slope is located. With 190 meters difference in altitude, it is the demanding slope of one of the hot traded places for real experts. The Skiliftkarussell Winterberg makes snow 19 of his 30 runs with technical snow-making as a whole.

The operators invest in comfortable lifts also around 4.5 million euros. The meanwhile seventh chairlift is under construction. A detachable six Chair becomes the previous tow the Bremberg up to replace. In addition, a four-chair lift on the downhill rough Bush receives a kuppelbares system. Detachable cable cars are the ultimate in comfort. You slow down the ride in the lift station and make so the getting in and out easier and safer. In addition, operators working on the optimisation of snow, grooming and lift operating in many other ski areas. The ski carousel Altastenberg, improve the snow World Zuschen and the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg with new, State of the art track rollers track.

The ski resorts in Altastenberg, Bodefeld, Zuschen, as well as the Winterberger Ruhr sources lift create more snow guns. New floodlit slopes allow the shutdown until well after sunset. On the Winterberger slalom slope and slope of the caps, the spots go in future on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Just like on the other 15 floodlit slopes of the ski lift carousel also.

RuMS New

Wednesday, 9. December 2015

RuMS has with the otherwise popular financial advisor portals to do almost nothing, except of course, that the topics for investors, traders and investors are selected. On, the new, sophisticated financial portal with a completely new concept, the reader will find not only all the information about the subject of investment, legal, tax and financial instruments of all kinds, but also evidence of trading days, trading hours, trading days, information about brokers, hardware and software for the traders, trade fairs and other for the trader and investor significant events. RuMS provides extensive expertise for beginners and advanced independently and objectively in a distinctive low. The experienced user detects a serious, generating trust environment, without the usual accumulation of ads at the first “click” and upon closer inspection, this positive impression is impressively confirmed by high compelling content. RuMS deliberately dispenses with current stock quotes and makes no recommendations for financial products. Not Managing Director Rudolf Markus Schug pointed out during his presentation on the new concept of its financial portal without pride and said: “ is a new, honest information portal for interested investors who want to place their capital on the financial market itself and manage or have just information needs”. On, all receive necessary information in combined form, as on any other site, for the trader and investor, offered continuously updated news and important dates of the financial market are reminded of all.