Recreation And Health

Tuesday, 26. April 2016

Physical activity is defined as any corporal movement produced by the esqueltica musculatura (therefore voluntary), that it results in an energy expense above of the rest levels. This behavior includes the activities, activities of the daily life and activities of leisure occupational (NAHAS, 1999 apud FRANK, s/d). BARBOSA (2004 apud FRANK, s/d) defines physical activity as any movement of the body. Already CASPERSEN (1989) cited by TAKEDA (1995 apud FRANK s/d) defines physical activity as ‘ ‘ any corporal movement produced by the esquelticos muscles that if they express in great expense of energia’ ‘. That is, the physical activity possesss different approaches and presents different models of explanation for its analysis, however, a consensus exists and can say that physical activity is any corporal movement that results in energy expense. 1,3 RECREATION AND TRICK As CAVALLARI and ZACARIAS (2003) the recreation is ‘ ‘ the fact, or the moment, or the circumstance that the individual chooses spontaneously and deliberately, through which it satisfies (sacia) its yearnings directed to its lazer’ ‘. Read more here: Southwest Airlines. Already PIMENTEL (2004 apud FRANK s/d) says that it is a playful form to recoup the forces for the work. Social movement directed to teach convenient considered playful activities to the population; a species of guardianship of the leisure.

Active leisure chosen freely. Activity of leisure lead for an entertainer. Trick, for PIMENTEL (2004 apud FRANK s/d) means the playful one in action. for AWAD (2004 apud FRANK s/d) tricks are playful activities that take its practitioners to the entertainment. Already for LARIZZATTI (2004 apud FRANK s/d) trick is some form of typical amusement of infancy, that is, one natural activity of the child, who does not imply in commitment, planning or seriousness and that she involves spontaneous and generating behaviors of pleasure. 2. CAUSES AND FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE FOR the INFANTILE OBESIDADE Exist diverse causes and factors that can contribute for the infantile obesidade, between them the genetic influence, psychological factors, the intrauterine malnutrition, one badly alimentary accompaniment during infancy, hormonais disfunes, physical inactivity and me the feeding.

Cycle Creating

Wednesday, 20. April 2016

Music and song – the emotions have been transformed into the sound of Article 2 of the series 'creation of new songs and music' The author – Vladimir Shablya Website: unique miracle of nature – a man – endowed with the capacity for logical thinking and the emotional perception A unique miracle of nature – people – is endowed with two main features that distinguish it from other living beings on earth: the ability to think logically and effectively the ability to perceive emotional reality. And all that is great (in a good and bad sense), which reached the people, created thanks to these wonderful qualities of man. Different areas of human activity to varying degrees and require the use of ratio these abilities. Usually in a particular area base is one of them, and the other in a certain way "helps" its effective promotion. Music, melody arises from the emotions, and in parallel with them Let's look at these positions such huge and beautiful component of our spiritual life, like music, but rather the process of creating new music and new songs.

As a lover of music, songwriter, composer, performer, student and scholar in one person, I will offer my perspective on the process of creating new music and songs, making no claim to ultimate truth. After all, perhaps, other songwriters, composers and poets of all is differently. So, where does the music? From the air? From sunlight? Not at all. It arises in the mind of man.

French Revolution

Thursday, 14. April 2016

In this perspective, the iluministas thinkers nailed the emancipation of the men in society to leave of the conscientious use of the proper reason. They said, of itself same, that they brought the lights against the darknesses of the ignorance, the religious dogmas and the privileges to the absolutism already in decay, that wanted to become clear the things of the world which they were obscure, without clarity. In the historiografia, the Voltaire philosopher (1694-1778) called to the attention for the necessity of a History that exceeds the chronicles of powerful kings and, defended a explicativa history and not narrative. This new History, is based on the cientificidade, therefore the historian gains new paper only leaves of being narrative of events and facts, start to be detective, investigate from the facts, accepted or refuse interpretations already existing, harvest depositions and arrive the conclusion. In this search for the truth it is that we can perceive how much science and History meet interrelated, in this process of construction and transformation of thought. It was the historical thought enters the emergency of the Iluminismo, the ideological base for Bourgeois revolutions (Industrial Revolution and French Revolution), which characterized for an optimism generalized on the potentialities human beings to reach the general happiness. For the thinkers of the illustration, it was possible that the progress and the collective development of the societies were obtained with social reforms.

The thought on History folloied this optimism. With better methods and techniques of research, folloied of a belief of that it was possible to understand the direction of the social phenomena throughout the times, one imagined that it would be possible to understand the logic of the human events. The French Revolution, synthesis of this collective effort of transformation, far from being a harmonious reform, at the same time where it despertou and it popularized the taste for history, was responsible for irretrievable destructions of documents and works of art related to the Old Regimen (It hisses, 2001).

Ozone Layer

Wednesday, 13. April 2016

The quarrels for the search of a development harmnicoentre the planet with finite resources and the exploration of this for the man, had seuincio with the creation of the Club of 2 Rome, that a report gained notoriety world-wide to aopublicar in 1972 in which foresaw that if alteraono did not have one rhythm of the taxes of population growth, of PNUMA, and in this exactly year, the Declaration on the AmbienteHumano and the Plan of World-wide Action, establishing responsibilities in relation ambient squestes, mainly with the discovery of the hole in the deoznio layer on Antarctica, whose fact, gave origin to the Convention of Vienna for Proteo of the Ozone Layer, signed in 1985 and published in the year of 1987, becoming world-wide known as 4 Brundtland Report . Destaconferncia resulted the development concept> sustainable: he is that one that takes care of to the necessity of the gift to semcomprometer the possibilities of the future generations to take care of its prpriasnecessidades … is a transformation process through which aexplorao of the resources, the orientation of the investments, of the institucional innovations tcnicase, if finds in harmony and strengthens the current potential efuturo of satisfaction of the necessities of the man … is not a permanent State of harmony, but umprocesso of changes in which the exploration of the resources, the orientation dosinvestimentos, the technological routes of the development and the mudanainstitucional are in accordance with the current and future necessities (RelatrioBrundtland, 1988 P. 46). In the year of 1992, it occurred in the city of Rio De Janeiro, (CNUMAD), Conference of United Nations on the Environment the eDesenvolvimento, in this meeting the focus of the quarrels was centered, in the mudanaclimtica, biological diversity and proposals estratgicasde action and cooperaoentre countries, giving origin to a called document Agenda 21, that estabeleceuuma new phase in the ambientalista perspective in world-wide level.

Daily Payhistory

Tuesday, 12. April 2016

The research has its origin already in the stage of Scientific Initiation, in a project financed for the CNPQ of which I was scholarship holder of the PIBIC. The developed activities had had as purpose the construction of the register of the existing manifestations rupestre in the area of the Cariris Old, project that initiating in the 2005 with the Rupestre Art of the Basin of the River Tapero, being under my responsibility ordinance and representation of the relative data to the rupestre art. The general objective is to try to verify what the rupestre art represents for the prehistoric population. which the possible relations of the forms of occupation of the archaeological small farms while related the ritual forms with the production of the grafismos, a time that the rupestre art is product of the mind produced human being of systemize form following a proper criterion of the prehistoric culture. It can be observed, empirically for available literature (MARTIN, 2005 and 1997, ALMEIDA, 1979, for example), that the occurrence of small farms with rupestre art not if of the one in random way, but before, an election of the landscapes of insertion of these small farms occurs. In the research we will use the descriptive comparative method to get given concrete concerning the searched small farms. With this methodology it is possible to observe the environment that the small farms are inserted and the composition of the same ones.

We will also use as analysis of the small farms the tipolgicas tables that will go assisting in them in the description of the grafismos that each small farm presents, being thus you divide in geometric grafismos and natural grafismos. Geometric Grafismo. Photo Azevedo Netto. 2007. Naturalistic Grafismo. Photo Azevedo Netto. 2007 Conclusion The present research, that is in phase of collection of data, has for purpose to investigate the inference of the rupestre art in how much a practical ritualidade or rite inside of daily if the same one she is inserted in the act of its production come back toward a register of the ancestral ones or as communication form, or landmark of 309, 1997.

Latin America

Tuesday, 12. April 2016

fuel. This will make with that Brazil arrives at the cipher of 74 billion commercialized liters of etanol. The president of the EPE complements that it is necessary security for the growth and investment in innovation so that the energy sector is viable. Valley to point out, however that ahead of the favorable picture in energy scopes if it cannot leave that the empolgao with the daily pay-salt hinders Brazil of is centered in questions as come back toward the two subjects that are in the guideline of the global quarrels: energy security and preservation of the environment. It is essential that if it does not allow a retrocession in what refers to the production of energies renewed in virtue of the daily pay-salt, must be primar for the development of new technologies of clean generation. According to biologist Fernando Reinach: ' ' With the daily pay-salt, Brazil runs the risk to be pra backwards in the innovation, and to repeat the cheap and simple solution adopted by the countries developed in the decade of 90: to burn petrleo' '. Another important question is the Growth of the generation of aeolian energy in Brazil, its capacity of generation of aeolian energy increased 77, 7% in 2009, relation to the year of 2008.

What megawatts resulted in the cipher of an installed capacity of 606 (MW), against the 341 2008 MW. These data had been divulged by the Global Advice of Aeolian Energy (GWEC, in the acronym in English), and good notice are these data show that the growth of Brazil more than represents what the double of the world-wide average that is of 31%. However valley to point out and to attempt against that Brazil in terms of average of Latin America had a growth of what less the average, therefore the average of Latin America was of 95%, in virtue of the expanses of capacity of Mexico (137%), Chile (740%), of Costa Rica (67%) and Nicaragua (that MW left zero for 40).

August Coffee

Monday, 11. April 2016

For being a sub-forest tree does not possess mechanism of control of constant precipitation perspiration, needing; during droughts its root can go down the three meters more than. Adaptou well the temperatures of plateaus, beyond what the time of rains induces the blossoming and simultaneous matureness of the fruit. In the dry station that goes of May the August (time also of falling of trees of the forests), it favors the harvest and drying of the grains. For being a mesial plant (it does not admit nor much and nor little water) the ground of the hillsides had better served that the deep ones of the valleys. The plant was adaptou well, therefore, to ' ' seas of morros' ' or ' ' stockings laranjas' '. The ground were flat, but fertilizados for the thousands of years of stability of Atlantic Mata that had supplied the essential nutrients. The coffee is a perennial plant, taking four years to produce, and can make it per 30 years. It was given credit that the coffee would have if planted in land of virgin bush, being that the old coffee plantations were not replantados, proceeding more the falling of trees.

One did not prezava the quality and the productivity, investing in the extension. After the forest fire, the coffee feet were planted of low for top thus rains eroded the ground between the rows loading hmus and the superficial layer. The seeds were not selected and they were not stood block-type, therefore these seeds or changes came from purchase or accidental gifts. They were planted in catch-crops the shade of forests. The 900 plants for hectare planted of 800. The height and the width of the plant harmed the harvest beyond the espaamento to facilitate the development of harmful grass. The weeding was developed with the job of weighed hoes, what it attacked the superficial roots of the plant, responsible for considerable parcel of absorption of nutrients (the nutrients of the ground almost never were recycle and never they were substituted).

Creole Protection

Sunday, 10. April 2016

For the value that is attributed to them, while cultural manifestations and while nation symbols, these goods start to be deserving of protection, aiming at its transmission for future generations. 10 the guardianship of the Creole drum this conferred in the constitution, article 215. 215 ART. the state will guarantee to all the full cultural right of action and access the sources of national culture, and will support the valuation and the diffusion of the cultural manifestations. 11 Consequently Marchesan places that, article 216 of the federal constitution of 1988 conferred to the cultural patrimony the treatment that it was due, assuring including legal protection of individually taken goods of material and incorporeal nature, or in set, carriers of reference the identity, the action, the memory of the different groups formadores of Brazilian society. 12 It also has incentive beyond the protection, therefore the executive must give impulse for the cultural movements, thus Ramassote places that: In the relation with the groups of popular culture, in general, and with the drum of Creole, in particular the responsible agencies of the municipal and state executive in stimulating and supporting these groups it has invested in physical, administrative and financial structures as the construction of ' ' viva' ' , that the responsible state institutions for &#039 had started to compose the official circuit of parties …; ' salvaguardar' ' , ' ' cuidar' ' e, in some cases ' ' recriar' ' the maranhense popular culture having divulged the traditions, cults, parties and other forms of expression from the administration of resources … these of the official agencies and many times, submitting itself it agents politicians as councilmen, members of the house of representatives and senators with some influences next to the managers of the local culture. 13 ' ' viva' ' , previously mentioned, it says respect to the plan to revive and to give preservation, therefore it together with searchs the state, that in that place occurs the manifestations of the drum, guaranteeing that this still does not come to be left the grace of the esquecimento and searching a form of protection for the reinforcement of the tradition without change of details in the form or skill of if revealing.

National Security

Saturday, 9. April 2016

So that let us have conditions to understand the structure and the proposal of this work, we need to leave of the premise that never we will have conditions satisfactorily to understand an event or a grouping of events while not to dedicate some effort to visualize the chain of circumstances that made possible the assembly of arcabouo structural of the period in question. CHAPTER 1: The HISTORICAL CONTEXT THAT TOOK TO the EVENTS OF DAYS 31 OF MARCH and 1 OF APRIL OF 1964 Without a boarding concernente to the construction of the Doctrine of National Security, the understanding regarding the proper subject of this work, or the period considered for this analysis would be seriously engaged. The Doctrine of National Security is imbricada, overlapped to gnese of the proper blow of 1964. Certainly the taking of being able for military the nothing more was of what the revelation, practical and the execution of a structure preplaced to the events of that year. Which was the central reason that took the Brazilian Armed Forces to articulate a maneuver of such spread? Of excerpts of the Superior School of War and its theoretical greater, General Golbery of the Couto and Silva expect to solve the two questions above raised.

Some aspects of the government of Goulart Joo will be investigated, that will assist to clarify some questions of the preparation of the historical moment of the blow. The consideraes if initiate with resignation of Janio Pictures, in August of 1961, fact that unchained a reaction of circumstances until the efetivao of the former-vice-president in the official position to the front of its country. In its proposal of government, launched in middle of 1963, Jango it offers a package of measures called Triennial Plan, whose content caused much controversy, desestabilizando its government. They were the calls Reforms of Base, which, when being launched they had marked the beginning of the chain of basic events that had evolved it military blow.

Day Money – Increase The Deposit Guarantee To The January 2011

Wednesday, 6. April 2016

Money market accounts – deposit guarantee increase from 01.01.2011 that day money account deposit guarantee, which is provided by the legislator has been elevated to January 1, 2011 by 50,000 to 100,000. This is good news for all bank account holders, in particular money market accounts, fixed-term deposit accounts under current account and credit card deposit refund passbooks and savings bonds, because maximum can make up 100,000 per banking institution now instead of 50,000 and all the money in the event of a bank failure. The statutory deposit insurance is based the deposit protection act and investor compensation act EEAEG, 1 August 1998 and corresponds to EU directives into German law. This is the second increase of the statutory deposit insurance within the last two years. Until end of 2008 amount the statutory deposit insurance by day money and deposit only 90% to 20.880. Up to date spar entries were refunded as long as up to this amount only to 90%, in the case that the Bank went bankrupt.

As of 2009, the deposit guarantee was raised on 100%, the recoverable amount was to just 30,000 to 50,000 total charged. Important: when the deposit insurance is to plan, that is the limit not per bank account, but per customer with a credit institution. If you have a checking account and a day money account in addition to a Bank for this reason of the aggregated deposits should exceed not 50,000. A trick to get around that limit, is to apply the day money and checking account in the context of two different banks so that 50,000 deposit insurance available deposit account. The statutory deposit insurance protects primarily individuals and small companies. Larger companies are from the legal deposit protection mostly impossible, refer to the East Asia Economic Caucus- and investor compensation act.