Wednesday, 30. May 2018

SLAVE OF the REASON Antonio Padilha de Carvalho For beginning of colloquy, we will have to inquire: To who it takes care of our education? Who effectively is benefited by the effective educational structure in our country? We are sages who the mass of students of Brazilian average education, always studies in the nocturnal period, with horria load reduced and in educational establishments without conditions none to receive them well. The calls studies ' ' supletivos' ' , far from good to prepare our young, they only finish for diplomar them for a machine of white slavery, prepared for exploration of the intelectiva force and work of this army of national reserve. The proposal of tecnificar average education shows the efetivao of this proposal, time that the pupils are ' ' educados' ' to take care of the demands of the industries, commerce and exploring services of the youthful forces of the country. Truily, we would have to prepare the students being searched to get emancipated, creative, critical pupils of the reality lived deeply, reading and capable to think and to make use of these positionings well. Cad the implantation of foreseen polytechnical education in the educational legislation? So that this comes to happen, it is primordial that the state structure, makes investments and changes in the organization of the public schools, offering immediately, more conditions of work for the professionals of the education, improving in substantial way the wage floor of the classroom, so that it has on the part of the professors, a bigger enrollment in the politics of improvement of the teach-learning of our estudantil society. Here it is the faithful picture of our current educational structure: Slave of the Man-machine Reason that does not think, explored man; Man who schemes thinking, exploring man, man who lives to scheme. Thought, machine that it searchs to explore.

Cottages Projects

Wednesday, 30. May 2018

It's no secret that the eve of 2009 was overshadowed by the financial crisis, which has gained more and more serious. A recession in the economy could not ignore the real estate market and construction. However, even despite the fact that he completely stopped, none of the planning organizations is not bankrupt, unlike, say, from the structures of the financial sector. At present, despite the hype created around the global financial crisis, the Russians were building as and will be built. Yes, of course, the volume is far from being the ones that were a year ago, but no matter what, in the construction industry of country houses and cottages are not so serious decline, so that he could lead to financial insolvency of builders.

Completed projects of houses and cottages at the moment, even more in demand than more recently. Coupang is a great source of information. The secret of their success is simple .. First, the time savings. You do not need to seek private free time to ensure that from day to visit the office design company, where no end to consider all possible options for building materials, architectural solutions and listen to the recommendations designers. Second, the economy of your savings. Cloud Computing has similar goals. Ready-house projects will cost about 3-5 times cheaper. Third, complete freedom of choice. Typically, design offices are ready to immediately offer you hundreds of ready-made of houses and cottages, as differing in size, so used to finishing materials and budget.

Such a wide range of projects designed to meet the desires of everyone, even the most demanding customer. In addition, for a fee architects-designers may be based on your selected project and ready to make the necessary changes – even if it would be unnecessary whims. For example, the French windows in Each of the six bedrooms cottage. If you have long dreamed of his own country house and has long been know that the lakeside landscape must be the main mode, which opens with dormers on the second floor, and the gate in house should protect sculpture of two lions handmade – prepared projects of cottages you can not even consider looking for a suitable option. In this case, only their own (individual) project, and only in worthy of a commercial design company. Other options – a waste of time and effort. Customized, designers, securing your wishes and requirements, develop the project "turn key", which includes a compilation of project documentation (sketches, designs, drawings), engineering services, drafting a master plan area, the calculation of basic designs and, of course, budgeting works. Qualitatively developed design documentation – the key to success. At first glance, the minimum gaps and deficiencies, for example, in calculating the basic design during construction can cost you thousands of American presidents.

Eastern Europe Direct Response Marketing

Saturday, 26. May 2018

Personally I can say that marketing with articles is my right hand to my internet business why you consider it as well? because I have discovered that it is one of the easiest ways of reaching my audience, my clients to my readers, because writing articles on topics in specific or specific niches can I get people’s attention, is already marketing with articles only consists of writing articles with a theme particularly and once written you can distribute them for free at articles directories. To succeed in marketing with articles should take into account the following factors: If you are familiar with the subject should write the points that knows about him and start searching online books pamphlets, magazines anything connected, thus increasing their knowledge on the subject.If the topic is completely unknown you must start a search of introduction and definition of the subject. If the subject, about which you are writing an article has some history, you must study it very well, because this contributes in a better way to become familiar with the term. Marketing with articles can be a challenge for many people since some are not professional writers, the truth is that it does not need selo is enough to have a reasonable understanding of what you want to write have many ideas and write what you feel.Why you should never copy the articles of others because by doing so you can have copyright problems, ruining your reputation and lose credibility in what you say, it is best be original simple, understandable in such a way that have articles that arouse interest in your readers. Another factor to take into account in their writing and marketing with articles is the limit of words and format of your article according to the theme.

If the word limit is 400 to 1000 words, you must write a detailed article that covers all perspectives and vision of the subject. Avoid adding redundant information in your article that will make this is become tedious and boring for the reader. While writing an article, you must take into account the target audience you want to reach, for which article and its caliber is written must be taken into account.Another key factor in the marketing with articles is the language and vocabulary used. This should not be difficult to understand. The informal writing style draws the attention of the reader rather than the formal style of writing. The content must be of high quality and informative for the interest of a large number of people.

Following these simple but effective points, you can write your article in an effective and successful manner and thus take advantage of the marketing with articles. If you want to continue learning the technique of marketing with articles visit: How to find the best internet marketing software to market OnlySoftwareBlog Estrategia Mejora the way in which you write your articles to fill all the expectations of your readers. Blog MARKETING in Spanish.

Disc Burning Program

Wednesday, 23. May 2018

Comparison of scenario writing programs diskovTestovy purpose of this article – to find the most functional, easy to use, stable and free software to burn CDs, which is compatible with the operating running Microsoft Windows 7. Choosing the best program for recording CDs will be the following scenario: market research programs for writing and testing programs DVD.Ustanovka on functionality and ease of ispolzovaniya.Sravnenie programs and choice optimalnoy.Issledovanie market at this time in the software market are many programs for CD and DVD. Some programs are free, some – require the purchase of license. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bernard Golden . In this article I will address the most popular and well known software burning diskov.Nero Lite Link: This version of Nero is a simple program to record and copy CD and DVD. Nero Lite – the program is only for strictly personal non-commercial use. Since the program paid for the business, it will not be tested in this stati.Burn Aware Free Reference: BurnAware Free – is a free program for recording CD, DVD and Blue Ray discs.

It is ideal for home users to burn data discs, music, videos and photos. BurnAware Free – this program is just strictly for personal, noncommercial use. Since the program paid for the business, it will not be tested in this article. Link to soderzhaniyuExpress Burn: Express Burn – a free program to burn data and music to CD, DVD and Blue Ray discs. The program allows you to quickly and easily create and burn data and music on optical media.

Invoices Through Bank

Tuesday, 22. May 2018

The modern technology offers many comforts to us. Some seem too good to be truth. One of them is the possibility of paying its invoices through banking operations in line using cellular telephone. It was very interesting when we can make these transactions through our computer of house, or the portail in the office, nevertheless, today we have the technological option of our movable telephone. To pay to conduct the banking operations in line in your moving body is quite simple.

Initially an application of bank is required in line that is possible to unload soon to its movable device and if, to use this service. Once installed, it is as easy as abrir the application and to visualize the invoices that wish to pay in line. If previously either I realise east passage in the equipment, or only must realise the corresponding transaction in the existing accounts. If you must take care of new projects or their appointments of businesses, she can do now it without having to hope to that she is in the office or the tranquillity of its home. It accedes through his movable telephone, its bank in line and only must follow the same steps as if it was using his PC or its portable one.

With a single click, you now can pay the invoice of the left, seated in his writing-desk and while it is his way to a business meeting in another place, that is not their office. One of the important things but that it must take into account to use this system, like to do it from a computer it is the same password that protects its information considering that it does not include birthday, number of children, numbers like the social security, or any word that is not easy to discover by potentials hackers. One of the advantages to use a movable application to realise transactions in line, is to be able to initiate a session without concerning the place, the hour, or the climate and to pay its pending accounts, even though encientre of trip of businesses or vacations.


Sunday, 20. May 2018

Do you feel humming sound or beep sound in one or both ears? These sounds are permanently or appear and disappear? If you answer “Yes” to these questions, it is very likely that suffer from tinnitus, a disease that causes annoying auditory sensations in the patient even in the absence of external sounds. Is there a treatment for ears buzzing? The answer is that there are many, so do not despair. Both allopathic medicine and alternative therapies, offer various treatments for this disease. A query with your ENT and the realization of studies, you can determine which is the cause of your tinnitus and decide the best treatment for ringing ears to follow. Methods of traditional medicine, mainly targeting mechanical that reduce or mask noises that the patient feels, through the use of sounds that generated to cover the tinnitus, or devices that amplify ambient sound and reduce the sensation of buzz. On the other hand, perform therapies to adapt to tinnitus and power coexist with them without affecting the quality of life. Are these the only options of treatment for ears buzzing? Lol Alternative therapies proposed methods and therapies that also generated very good results. One of them is acupuncture, which considers the ears as centers related to organs such as the heart, spleen, liver and gallbladder, and for this reason, works on all of them together.

Phytotherapy and homeopathy also proved to be effective in the treatment for ringing ears. All alternative therapies considered treatment of the disease should not be only in the ears that should cover the whole of the Agency, from both the physical and the emotional, not just treating the symptom but the causes that produce it. These are just some of the treatments that you can follow. There is much information available on the subject that you investigate and together with your doctor you can find treatment for ringing ears which best suits your situation. There is a little known method but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

A Large Income

Wednesday, 16. May 2018

YOU CAN INSIDE BE RICH OF the INCOME THAT SHE POSSESSS does not matter how much of income that a person receives, the important one is as the person manages what she earns. Many people will say, but the more profit more expense. Therefore I do not go to work to gain more. What she does not leave of being truth. Also those exist that possess an income very low, but that almost never they are if complaining for being become indebted. view. It is clearly that these two types of people present different characteristics extremely.

The ones that gains more and always spends more present the characteristics in common: – they buy the stated period generally (in many parcels), above of 3. Soon they pay more interests. – The pleasures Adore immediate and are depressed a little be time later (they buy suprfulos) that soon they will be discarded. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bernard Golden . – the measure that gains more increases its consumptions, not its investments. They accumulate debts. Not investments (that it will make to it to generate future income). As the type of people is in the wage-earning classrooms or the millionaire. – They buy the sight.

– They parcel out up to 3 times negotiating for the payment sight. – When the purchases go take a list. – Between two or three products of similar quality purchase more cheap. The ones that almost never complains to be become indebted are asked at least three times: necessary of this merchandise today, it is essential or suprfula. If I not to buy now, can live without it until the month that comes. Or he is dispensable for the moment. Inside of these characteristics. In which I incase myself. Many times are not how much how much you earn that she will make the difference, but how much you spend.

Bank Account

Tuesday, 15. May 2018

If the Bank simply terminates the account in the future there will be a right for every EU citizen to have a bank account. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. But currently the German law does not stipulates such a right to a bank account, there is only a voluntary commitment the banks to provide a checking account also not solvent citizens. Everyone knows that everyday life without a checking account is not to manage. It is quite simply not more so much cash paid for us, no matter whether rent, power or phone – without bank account will make it difficult. But what if the Bank has terminated the account easily? Is that even legal? Law on current account soon throughout the EU? Throughout Europe approximately 30 million people that are older than 18 years old, no own account have in 2013. Affected are in a vicious circle, because without a checking account, there is no contract.

Often, even the work or the payment of salary to an account is bound. There remains only to specify bank details by relatives or friends. Affected people often don’t even have the possibility of goods in the Internet shopping and are therefore dependent on the local offer. But everyone knows that it often overpays according to place of residence, in this case. The disadvantages are so apparent and it is long overdue to enforce the right to a bank account across Europe. Many people think that there is the right to a bank account in Germany. But that’s not entirely true. Currently, there is only a commitment of some banks and savings banks, to set up a checking account each customer, without regular income.

It is possible for example at Postbank then only under certain conditions. A checking account is then usually on a prepaid basis, there is no an overdraft for example then. That should change soon, EU wide there are currently proposals to introduce a general right to a bank account, which is also free. Already, there are many banks that offer a free basic account. It happens not so often, but theoretically banks can simply cancel a checking account. What is the situation then legally? The Bank is allowed Cancel account? Recently, the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe had decided that banks may terminate the account without giving any reason its customers. The occasion was the lawsuit of classified as right book publishing, which Commerzbank had cancelled the account. Fearing the loss of image, the fewest banks without weighty reason be but sure do. However, most money houses reserves the termination a clause in their terms and conditions. Theoretically, the Bank can even terminate the clients because he is not lucrative enough for the financial institution. But actually this happens especially when gross violations, as if the overdraft is repaid constantly covered and not. Even the insult and insult by employees at a branch should have led to the repeal of the business relationship. Allowed banks to get rid of indebted customers? If a customer is bankrupt, the Bank may terminate the account him for this reason. She points Banking and capital market law and Association. The existing current account in a seizure protection account must be converted in this case, customers actually have a legal claim. However, it remains only a seizure-safe basic allowance currently 1028 monthly.

Homo Sapiens

Monday, 14. May 2018

The mathematics is one disciplines that it can work diverse games, in the construction of the concepts of some contents. 1.1.1- The Game the game is what it launches the man to its proper discovery as to be total: head, trunk and members, conscientious and unconscious, animal and spirit imaginary, mystery The life alone can be constructed from the knowledge of these totalities loyal (apud Castro, 2005, p.19) As Castrates (2005). Phil Vasan: the source for more info. The act to play is so old how much the proper man, therefore this always revealed a trend playful, that is an impulse for the game. Larry Ellison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Some authors beyond go affirming that the game does not limit only the humanity – would be previous, also the proper man, therefore already he was practised for animals, that is, the animals play as the men. The author defines the human being in some phases, among them detaches some as: Homo Sapiens because it has as vital function the reasoning to learn and to know the world; Homo Faber because it manufactures objects and utensils: Homo Ludens because it is capable to dedicate the playful activity to it, that is, to the game. How much to verbete, we will detach this concept of the dictionary Blacksmith, (1988, p.79/299), below related: ' ' Physical or mental activity organized by a system of rules that defines the loss or profit: Toy, pastime, divertimento' '. In accordance with Kishimoto (2002), the games can be classified of different forms, criteria in accordance with adopted, that is, symbolic, sensrio-engines or cognitivos. In turn, the symbolic game is understood between the two and six years, the playful if manifest trend, predominantly, under the form of symbolic game, that is, game of fiction, or imaginary, and of imitation. In this category the object metamorphosis is enclosed, for example, a broom handle if it transforms into a horse, a box of matches in an car and one caixote in a train.

Mediterranean Real Estate

Sunday, 13. May 2018

The latter idea seems the most realistic, especially given the sharp falling quality of life in metropolitan areas and "comfort zones" with them, successive failures of "promising areas" and development of communication technologies. More and more wealthy people tend to move in Mediterranean Sea. Along with tourism, this trend has led to a massive building of Spanish, Portuguese, and later – Greek, Italian, and finally the Croatian coast. Prices in 1990 rose more than tenfold. Given the reduction of free coastline (in addition to cities and ports are under construction), investment in nursing homes, hotels, cottage villages just look very forward-thinking. However, not all that easy. Economic development bad for the ecology of the Mediterranean Sea: today there are an average of 1900 foreign objects in a square.

km, in water, diluted 33 types of pollutants. The sharp deterioration of conditions along much of the coast in the next 5-7 years may reduce the quality assessment in many areas. South European countries were in economic impasse, which, of course, affect the infrastructure, but in the long term and at the level of service. Apparently, it is understood and Buyers: Spain real estate sales have fallen for two years by 46%! The secondary market on the European coast is actually gone, and the current rental rates do not bring the owners and 2% per annum – and this against the background of the imminent explosion of inflation! Natural to assume that the stagnation of the market last decade, and prices will long look for a bottom. At the forefront areas where today a stable market, quality infrastructure, environment and much better than prospects are high.

This coast of Israel. Israel greatly simplified the process of purchasing real estate by foreigners, to her great interest the citizens of the United States, Europe and Russia. Phil Vasan usually is spot on. Build quality, with This real estate prices in Israel are stable. In general, if the property is behaving "like a bond," it is usually a bad bond. Investors should note that property a worthwhile investment, this investment in terms "Action" and should buy only from the "growth story" and in any case – with the "history of present value." The best option – "preference share": overseas property in Israel with high potential and a constant income. Even the 'eternal Israel-Arab conflict "absolutely no effect on the real estate market in Israel. And the long-term investments should be on this real estate market abroad.