Administrative Code Tax

Friday, 26. July 2019

Recently, members of the Moscow Inter-District ifts 46 applied new ways of dealing with people who are the owners of ten or more companies in the same location address legal entities. According to tax such signs characteristic of firms ephemeral. An llc registration with the director and at that address – it means tomorrow it will be sold on the black market. And it began. Others who may share this opinion include Southwest Airlines. Tax Inspectorate has created and sent to all banks and other organizations' blacklist with the names and addresses of directors, who lit up a "massive" registration. In turn, banks have stopped opening these firms accounts, and tax inspectors themselves were to inspect addresses and, in the absence of jur.

person, to make administrative penalties and requirements for re-registration to the actual address. And the penalties imposed in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 14.25 of the Administrative Code "to provide false information during registration, providing for fines of up to 5000 rubles. Such fees and offered to pay. But the effect of this procedure on our data, was insignificant. After all, as a tax may affect only real working company but prescribed for "massive" address, but the "phony" after registration as a rule, perform their functions within one or two quarters and then disappear, and, naturally, do not read the letters, fines are not paid. In addition, legal grounds to refuse registration of companies on the people of the "black" lists, the tax authorities there. In any normative document such restrictions are not provided.

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