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Wednesday, 16. March 2016

(1o.Analizar with objectivity and without prejudice the situation in our area, to determine: to) what customers think of our company, its products, competition, advisors who have gone before us and of us. (b) what they think of products of the competition and their trade policies, etc. (c) which considered that it should be the ideal behaviour of a company and a sales this research consultant can do with simplicity, talking to various people who are in contact with us and accustomed to look around and observe the reactions of people. We will realize straight away that people express their opinions easily: rather, like someone listen to them.Naturally, we cannot accept everything that we hear as true or stay with the first impression.We must deepen to have a complete and true picture of the real situation. 2nd – study a plan: based on the collected data, specify what are our weak points, which the strengths of the competition and what areas in that the best results can be obtained quickly, or what if you urgently need to remedy serious situations.

Accordingly set the objectives to achieve in certain periods of time. Make proposals to the company to carry out actions within its competence which it deems oportunas.Comprometerse personally to: 1) follow a line of action 2) prevent malpractices 3o) take the initiative. 3O) action: begin to put into practice the provisions, recalling, in order to create a favorable image of him company, and the product ourselves, especially if it’s correct preconceived ideas or earlier mistakes, takes time and persistence. Therefore, are the small details and permanent and daily attitudes that matter more than the spectacular demonstrations.We must therefore exert a constant watch on ourselves, always bearing in mind that our true interest should seek long-term, and not trying to earn as much as possible on each sale, they are bias of sales to future. 4th) control the results achieved eriodicamente, review the results, conducting the analysis commented again on the point 1.Estudiar, later new plans, setting new objectives and implementing new initiatives, we can improve the image of the company, the product and ourselves. Summary: The product that we sell is not something that has a value in itself, independent of all other factors that surround it. In fact, the real value of a product, in the eyes of the public to which it is intended is derived from the sum of three factors: the name of the production company, real qualities and the presentation of the product itself, sympathy and trust that inspires the Advisory. On these three factors must be based sales Advisor, thus having an adequate program of permanent value creation.

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