Arcanum XXI Dreams

Monday, 23. April 2018

The Arcanum XXI, El Mundo, is considered one of the most positive by scholars of the tarot. The laurels of victory that surround in this letter to the young woman are interpreted as the unequivocal announcement of a great triumph to come. When this arcane appears within a circulation of tarot, it predicts the lucky consultant you will soon meet each of their dreams. It should be noted that neither end of nature is a Charter which, as its name implies, refers exclusively to worldly matters, as well as the cycle without principle in general. Of there dreams whose realization predicts non-spiritual nature, but prosaic. The world not predicts, for example, the arrival of love. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has plenty of information regarding this issue. But yes, the economic well-being, employment success, travel the world or a spacious and comfortable house. His appearance in Chuck encourages who consults to pursue the realization of their dreams, insurance make them reality; and to not leave anything their deepest desires and illusions.

In a lifecycle, as pointed out before, it is always restarting, the opportunities of success always reappear, if we know how to find them. Such is the positive energy of this letter that, even, is considered his departure corrects and balances the incorrect channeling of energy of the evil dignificadas cards (reversed). When she herself appears upside down, on the other hand, the picture is not so promising. This position speaks of a person who is unable to realize their dreams by far that strives, and invites us to reflect on behaviors that can cause this state of affairs. Invested, this arcane can also indicate that the person feels demoralized, perhaps just by their repeated failures. Or that he feels that, even though, for more efforts that place, years pass and unable to find his destiny and his place in the world. If it appears in addition to inverted, in the company of the arcane XIII, death, may be alerting about the possible emergence of thoughts or suicidal fantasies in the consultant.

In the event that this arcane exit invested during the run, will have to pay special attention to the remaining cards that come out. And that surely will bring the keys to understand the why of this complex situation. Situation that can begin to reverse with the spiritual help of the tarot.

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