Classified Ads

Friday, 23. November 2018

Much care sometimes the criminals used ads classified to carry out robberies and scams, here some recommendations. All persons or companies at one time have had to resort to magazines, newspapers, web pages and other media to publish a classified that allows them to buy or sell a product or service more quickly, situation that sometimes has been exploited by unscrupulous criminals than to see that need to manage multiple forms to deceive or steal from their victims. To avoid being subject to theft or scams please the following: If you are the seller 1. The companies providing the service of mostly only classified ads provide this service and are not brokers or intermediaries be wary if someone on behalf of these require further information about your product contact your service provider immediately and report what happened. 2. Usually when you place a classified ad begins to receive a large number of calls from concerned cases, try to make filters that allow you to minimize possible risks. -Make sure that interested parties provide data such as fixed telephone, full name, address among other generals who serve you to also contact you.

-Contact your filtered list of potential buyers and verify your data. -I mistrusted people who provide herrada information or which only give a cell phone number of contact. -If the product you sell has be shown in your home try to not be alone and discuss with friends list of people that will go to the quotation and your schedule. 3 Organize a programmed schedule of visits do not accept visits without prior programming. 4. If it’s vehicles, schedule appointments at your home or places of wide circulation of people, mistrusted if it schedules appointments at the last minute or they constantly change the site. 5. Never perform transactions when they promise payments with checks without confirming or doubtful accounts, required by cashier checks and confirm them with the Bank, even then wait confirmed that they become effective, many people have been lured with checks without funds.

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