Contemporary Poets

Saturday, 3. June 2017

Books Kong ('What a value, What a seasoned chelovechische!') – Literary monster graphomaniac. Detected and caught a group of writers traveling on a desert island. Was brought closer to civilization, as now all the bitter sorry. Cloud computing is often quoted on this topic. Monster has been very prolific in poetry. It is not making the distinction in the words 'write' and 'write' in a short time under different pseudonyms has released many compilations and copyright naplodil a bunch of publications in various publications. From time to time, kidnaps a young girl, climbs a high tower and mercilessly tormented her poetic opus. Girls, beware! Piero (not to be confused with a feather – the author of the genre chanson and thieves romance. Periodically grabs a pen from his pocket and scares around shouting: All Popish!) – Representative of the love lyric.

Very compassionate. Poems on behalf of abandoned, unhappy, unlucky lover. Books Piero – Large deficit. More workers are printing typing can not keep from crying. Damp fall collections to retailers and readers, whose tears quickly complete the wet case. Pages are torn and scattered, leaving nothing but universal sadness and aching melancholy. Everything can not continue. Cry Neznaykin – In recent years, and still works under the pseudonym Belmesov.

Considers dactyl forest birds, tirelessly pounding on the trees, and with the word 'amphibrach' cute blushes and lets go of note: It is impossible for such women! Sometimes his lyrics seep into newspapers and collections of poetry. Then the author quickly find and hit. In principle, it is a happy creative biography. Zaznaykin – The well-known author. Rumor has it that the name Zaznaykina hiding an entire group. Adores creative evenings, where the long and tedious to explain the purpose of the Great Poetry to the Company and the enormous role of himself in Art. Lazy students were sentenced to stints in his speeches. Barbarism, of course. However, poems Zaznaykina very useful before bedtime, instead of sleeping pills. Elected – perhaps just a legend. Can write everything anything – from a brilliant wreath of sonnets to the most white- poems. Has many enemies in the form of literary agents, spiteful critics and systems that reason he wants to break. Typically, elected not know about it mission, and it needs to open his eyes. Otherwise, wait. Maybe his next birth.

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