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Monday, 22. January 2024

1 Venue of the nationwide over 80 Turnire is a special event with the “OPEL FAMILY CUP” has been launched. Since football is played and lived, unites and separates it generations, friends and families. The idea to unite parents, children and friends in a team. Fun rather than performance, joy instead of pressure, family instead of Club – has fascinated us immediately. See more detailed opinions by reading what Fitched Ratings offers on the topic.. We have used all the contacts and possibilities, the “OPEL FAMILY CUP” to get to Weimar. Today we can say we managed twice we got the first nation-wide game and even the second round to Weimar. The reactions and the interest the “OPEL FAMILY CUP” encourages us daily since the takeover of the tournament through our partnership and shows that OPEL is on the right track with his football concept and has touched the nerve of many.

“Patron of OPEL is Jurgen Klopp, the cult coach” of the Federal League. Our politically, bipartisan, regional response was quickly found: thank you to wife Antje Tillmann (Bundestag member from the CDU) and the Lord Mayor of the city of Weimar, Mr Stefan Wolf (SPD). Both have spontaneously agreed to and also shows how important are family, sports, shared emotions and respect in life. This basic idea, we want to convey this evening and together with the media in the public transport. Unfortunately both by the last minute postponement of the nationwide communication starts by Opel, might not present today tonight, what they deeply regret. We want to thank all those who accompany us on this path and helping out in the next few weeks, today already welcome for, 5 will be a day of the family on the Lindenberg is talked about the long time in Weimar. These include the sports Office Weimar, the city Sports Association, the District Football Committee Central Thuringia, sponsors and many volunteer friends, without which we cannot successfully perform this OPEL FAMILY CUP. “Let us live” tournament for the whole family – the OPEL FAMILY CUP ” Reported by: Mathias Schinner GF AH Schinner E.k. and Michael Hoeffer President SC 1903 Weimar E.v. rights free images, logos and pictures of the press conference you find on the Internet under:

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