Discovering Errors

Friday, 5. January 2024

The majority of people will not discover their mistakes until you commit them. With credits, this situation is no different. Practical knowledge about interest rates and credit accounts was never taught us and therefore, if we acquire a credit, we are not free to commit mistakes. Why we are going to review the list of the 10 most common mistakes when we ask our credits. 1. Closing your account of your credit is a fundamental factor for a poor score on your credit history. Resist the urge to close your account, because it will be a bad precedent for the future if you want to get new loans. 2.

Do not lower your credit limit, (though this seems a responsible measure) since this will also lower your solvency coheficiente. 4. Do not apply for multiple loans thinking that perhaps he can juggle with them to take advantage of the 0% interest debt transfer. That doesn’t work as well. Apply for multiple loans will lower your merit of credit and will increase the interest rate. 5 Request only the amount of credit that can solve. One of the most common mistakes is to push the boundaries of credit who can afford to live in permanent indebtedness. This eventually is penalized by the credit company.

6. The breach in time of depreciation is another mistake that is very common in this context. Make the payments of their replacements in time. Ask frequently spot 30, 60 or 90 days to do this replacement, shows it as an insolvent client and this reputation can remain on your record for seven years. 7. Do not regularly check their accounts reports might bring unpleasant surprises, because an alien error can cost you lots of money. Verify that your statements are correct and claim immediately if an inaccuracy occurs. 8. Don’t pay the costs of any legal dispute with its creditor, by smaller than these. Your credit account will fall 100 points if you do this. Instead, ask an investigation, save tests and consult the relevant instances. 9. The appealing to third actors for potential litigation claim is another mistake that should not fall. This only worsens things, since they live result, lengthen and complicate the demand that often have no relevance to become grounds for litigation. 10 Make use of a debt service is another wrongheaded measure since there are legitimate ways to repair your credit by clarifying errors, making a plan of payments, etc. In the best cases these services takes several months to get a result and sometimes even resorting to the use of illegal methods. So if you have a claim, is preferable to yourself, do so has the certainty that is not committing any irregular acts that could cost him dearly.

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