Eye Care – Important And Underestimated

Thursday, 27. June 2019

Good health care starts already at a young age. The right diet plays a major role. So do the eyes easily, and the daily load has grown, they need vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Particularly vitamins A, C and are emphasized. The eyes have much to join. Work on screen, dry heat, cold air, cigarette smoking, poor lighting for reading areas, and much more. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gary Kelly.

The burden is not without a trace of your eyes and eye care is very important. Who cares for his eyes, makes them strong. Of course you should have a sufficient distance from the screen and watch TV and always a good light source allow. As already mentioned, is part of eye care and the proper and balanced diet rich in vitamin A, C and E. good vitamin C suppliers are, for example, peppers, broccoli, kiwi fruit, citrus fruit and parsley, while carrots, apricot, beets and lettuce the body with vitamin A supply. Good vegetable oils, nuts, and asparagus contain vitamin E, which the body and especially good for the eyes. For the visual purple rhodopsin, beta carotene and retinol are needed. Without visual purple, the light sensory cells do not have service.

The vitamins C and protect the cells against free radicals. Not only the skin, including inside of the eye gets plenty from UV rays. The manufacturer of sunglasses in recent decades, the market-recognized potential of good sunglasses, which not only protect the eyes now, but be a fashion accessory. Exercises can help to relieve the stressed eyes and relax. If you spend a screen hours on, a book or even focus on object, the eyes become tired and irritable. Relax and maintain your eyes where you see a few minutes relaxing in the distance, and then open slowly and close de eye. Then you blink least in rapid succession, at ten seconds. Another exercise is the rolling of the eyeballs. Such exercises can be repeated quite easily during office day. Many people go to the gym and exercise a lot. In particular, the care of skin and hair in humans is very important and has long ceased to women alone. Men therefore have to maintain now, and the selection of cosmetics is a sure sign Nonetheless, the eyes are still chilling. And now the eyes need a particularly good care, so we can get even in old age our eyesight.

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