First Sale

Monday, 16. October 2023

Trying to convey what has been learned through years dedicated to the sale, is that I’m writing these varied articles to informative, where I am providing guidelines and tips, that I believe are important for sale and the entire process that composes it. DEVELOP new clients the process of discovering and conquering new customers is called prospecting, and implies the task of achieving new prospects or future customers. It is not another thing that obtain data and relevant references on potential customers. tal Solutions. While a list of potential customers within a specific market niche is not difficult today with the possibility of resorting to the internet, contacted with them nor, establish some link that allows us to access and able to display our products and finally create confidence to achieve the sale, is an arduous task and most serious. There are two basic ways of reaching our client, previously preparing our arrival through a phone call or sending an email, or submit directly in place trying to get an interview with the person responsible for. Although the second option is used, and some feel safe and comfortable with it, I personally think how most recommended first.

Call or first contact is not a simple phone call, but involves a number of issues to consider before you do it, but perhaps most importantly ask certain questions and substantial information, and that through it, get an argument that demonstrate and justify that your visit is timely. THE first interview before the first interview it is advisable to have researched it more possible on your client, to know its trajectory, its position in the market, your position against the competition, its suppliers, business etc. So that, as the interview develops you can make him see that you’ve become interested to know important data about your trade and career. This demonstrates that it is not someone chosen lightly, but that on the contrary, has been specially selected.

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