Fixed Assets

Thursday, 11. February 2016

Moreover, stocks of nitrided steel much stronger than normal, as demonstrated by performance tests: they are almost impossible to bend. Because of the high price of diesel fuel in Germany in compact loaders Gehl low fuel consumption, thanks to Engine Deutz, as well as direct transmission of engine power to the hydraulic operating equipment (previously on the machines power transmitted through a belt drive and with time due to wear seat belt, transmission efficiency is reduced and fuel consumed in the blank), Track Loaders are designed to work on particularly difficult, contaminated sites, where the first cross is important. Rubberized track and chassis provide high traction when running on dirt and loose soil, and intimate contact with the surface provides a stable platform. Safety switch automatically neutralizes the engine if oil pressure is too low or if excessive cooling of the system. Hydraulic devices are controlled using the buttons as a starter, located on the left joystick, and by pressing a special pedal in the floor of the cabin. Hydrostatic drive is responsible for the crawler, and for greater maneuverability system also allows the reverse rotation of the navigation elements. If you need access to the engine cab easily lifted, allowing for quick service.

Exploit the compact loader can, even at very low temperatures (lubricants and winter fuel). Factory warranty on trucks, ranging from one to three years. Excavators and mini excavators GEHL have a capacity of digging, maneuverability, comfort carrier seats and good visibility cab. As standard equipped with front blade and rubberized tracks. Upon request and need to be metal tracks. A feature of all models of excavators GEHL is a high-performance hydraulic system, which allows you to simultaneously make a number of functions without loss of strength and speed.

Auxiliary hydraulic devices are also part of standard equipment. 8 models offered by excavators are ready to take the most serious work to do. loaders Gehl, possessing all the necessary strength and power, very compact, which allows them to operate at full production returns in a cramped, where the use of larger joints is not possible. Some models may GEHL Excavator move outside the facility without the shipping platform.

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