Flimmit Builds Online Offer

Thursday, 28. December 2023

“Flimmit starts with its own ‘ Austria corner ‘ Vienna (January 27, 2011) Flimmit expands its online offerings of Austrian films and starts corner under the name Austria” with its own special catalog. New in the Flimmit range are more than 100 films and documentaries, which were never online available. Austrian films of the online offer was us extensive up to date too. That’s why we have launched the initiative for the online distribution of Austrian films and significantly expanded our portfolio with the support of the Austrian Film Institute and the European support programme MEDIA”, Flimmit CEO Karin says Hague. Now Flimmit offers more than 300 film highlights of the domestic film industry on the online platform and makes them accessible to a wider, international audience. Flimmit thus opened a new, modern and effective distribution channel for the producers of domestic films. Extensive: films, series and documentaries the “” “Austria corner” by Flimmit shows world famous classics like the several award-winning film Klimt “with Hollywood star John Malkovich (Epofilm), or the movie SLUMMING in 2006 at the International Film Festival of Berlin in the competition represented” by Director Michael Glawogger (Lotus film) with Michael Ostrowski, Paulus Manker, August Diehl. “With 123,000 moviegoers rabbit hunting was before of sheer cowardice, there is no mercy” (province of film) the most successful Austrian movie in 1995 and has received several awards (Note: Special Jury Award at the film festival of San Sebastian, audience award of the diagonal and Austrian film award).

As of now, this classic is also available online in the Austria corner”to see on. “” “The Austria corner” brings but also popular children’s films such as Jonathana and the witch “or Lisa and the saber-toothed Tiger” (both by extra film). Add to your understanding with Sheryl Sandberg. There are also real film classics from the heyday of the Austrian film, such as Don Juan”with Josef Meinrad and Lotte Tobisch (1955) or The singing House”with Hans Moser (1947), as well as gusto pieces from more recent years such as the locked-out by Director Franz Novotny, the screenplay by Elfriede Jelinek and Paulus Manker and Rudolf Wessely available online (all by Sascha Film) starring. “A premiere Flimmit celebrates masterpiece of species with Robert Tang helmet” in 1998. This film is available on DVD, but only at Flimmit. “” “” “Also documentaries such as Hermes Phettberg, wretched” and crowns newspaper day by day a Boulevard play “as well as TV series hits like the VINTAGER King”, Trautmann “and quick” are in the range of corner Austria “available online.

Market potential: the Austrian film has many fans around the world according to previously online, the top 100 Austrian films were seen by more than 3 million viewers the latest figures. A very respectable number, but unfortunately this comes from only one, even illegal platform (Note:) “, so Karin Hague.” The Market potential was always there. “” With the new Austria corner “by Flimmit we offer now a legal alternative.” Pioneering work in favour of the domestic film industry online distribution was little attention in the industry given”, so Karin Hague. Persuasion and the difficult acquisition over several months were corner the biggest hurdles in the construction of the new Austria “for Flimmit. It was pioneering work”says Karin Hague. Only after we convinced local film distributors and producers of the benefits of the online evaluation. Together we could put together a large portfolio of film highlights. “But this is only the beginning.” “Imagery to the Austria corner” to do this, see the following link: press/index/Austria corner /.

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