High School Diploma – And Now What?

Sunday, 30. June 2019

Bremen Institute B-research supports school leavers through individual coaching in the right career choice. Bremen, May 11, 2010. Study or training? Or maybe a combination of both? The question is difficult and at the same time important for the other way of life according to the appropriate profession. Some people know already in elementary school, what they would be later put consistently to this project. However, this is the exception. The closer comes the conclusion, more ratloser are”most high school students, know the Bremen career consultant Sandra small hammer. To the question what are you doing after high school?”there is rarely a practical response.

The choice is great: In the winter semester 2009/2010 Federal Statistical Office Germany 410 colleges counts. The number of possible programmes amounts to several thousand. 349 recognised training occupations and 712 provider of dual degree programs which combine study and practice be added according to the Federal Institute for vocational education and training. Ultimate for the career choice primarily their own interests and strengths, less current trends or family traditions are,”explains Sandra small hammer. In her 2008 Institute for career choice, Diagnostics and career desires, individual resources and inclinations play therefore play a significant role. The approach, B-research, is biografie – and resource-oriented. The developed by the owner and successfully used procedure for the aptitude test, the BerufsFindungsTag tried to involve as many aspects of the Habitat of the clients.

After a free consultation, in changing from interviews, psychological testing, individual and group exercises and information are developed together possible career paths. A detailed documentation of the results with enclosed addresses of educational institutions is support for the implementation and makes courage and desire for the future. An example: For the student Lisa Naumann, the counselling at school was unhelpful. The there carried out test the profession of landscape architect or the physics had proposed. Both came for the 23-year-old out of the question, because she rather imagined a degree of in dentistry. Internships in different areas also led to uncertainty. To get clarity, Lisa Naumann booked a BerufsFindungsTag at the Bremer Institute B-research. Components of the thorough analysis were an interview, exercises, work-related personality and interest tests and questionnaires. Also a writing sample should provide information. A few days later she held their individual consulting report with test results and annotations in hands. Together with career coach Sandra small hammer, she developed from different occupations that match their interests and abilities. Became aware of after, why, dentistry was not the right thing for them. On the contrary: now she’s satisfied aspiring Hotel specialist. Kerstin Boelsen, headboard – Kontor for text, image & PR

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