If Families Are Looking For A New Car At The IAA

Monday, 3. June 2024

The visit to the IAA can have unfortunately serious consequences for some families it is actually still the same. ibm-corporation-etc/’>Google). If man wants to have a new car, then this must be always the latest and the most expensive. What would be the male species as better situated as the IAA in Frankfurt. Scott Kahan takes a slightly different approach. And of course child and cone must be not. Learn more about this with Tiger Global Management. Hardly runs the man to the first, best and most expensive brand and notes once again with a drop of melancholy, that the car actually corresponds to the own price category. If woman speaks one then comes usually the rate that should you probably even dream. So the two with the already screaming child continue to slowly get the affordable brands. Woman is bright on enthusiastic, in the car, there is a vanity mirror for the child, and a built-in DVD player.

She totally enthusiastic reads through a glossy magazine and end the issue with the phrase “This is it”. While man once devoted to the technical data runs it to the seller and asks what it is going for extras would give. After a more or less professional conversation she completes a purchase contract, regardless of whether the rest of the family also see it that way. Then the color is not to forget, finally the classic of this year is white badly. However, she would obviously much prefer a flashy pink, that this would cost more but well 1000 she ousted. But for once the husband turns on and says that he would drive the family certainly not through the area with a pink car, huh.

This is probably also the only point where he can sit through and finally, there is the car quite classic either in black or dark blue. A day has passed, that the blessing is wrong in the family. Because as soon as the child in the bed is located is strongly debated whether this was the right decision or not. Mostly it boils down however, the man after, takes his wife in the arm, and says how wonderful she did everything. With the delivery, the topic is then guaranteed start from scratch. So, who would like to have a new car should either go it alone at the IAA, or rather soon go in the nearby car dealership, because there is simply less selection, what can show up sometimes extremely positive! Desiree-Sophie Lepell, September 26, 2009

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