Jobs In Makhachkala

Thursday, 28. December 2023

'As the wolf do not drive, but he looks into the woods. " Dagestan as well as a number of other regions is economically backward region. Few state agencies, primarily thriving private business. And as in other underdeveloped regions – bezrbotitsa. Because the work is in Makhachkala and place and cause problems so the mass transfer to Moscow Dagestan.

Recall that the authorities of Dagestan intend to significantly increase the investment attractiveness of the country. In February new prime minister Magomed Abdulayev proposed to postpone the adoption of "Strategy of social and economic development in Dagestan to 2020 ', held hearings in the parliament. The prime minister said the new economic course will require changes in strategy. According to Abdullaev, taken new measures will allow the country to reduce subsidy dependence on the federal budget, reduce unemployment and help to attract Dagestan investors. Rosstat summed up the next quarterly survey on employment (according to the survey population as of the third week of August). Dagestan is still in the top ten regions Russia (8th place), leading in the number of unemployed on the ILO criteria. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the number of economically active population in Dagestan was 1316.7 thousand, of which 1130.4 thousand employed. Thus, the number unemployed have more than 186.2 thousand people.

If you take the other regions, the number of unemployed in the Moscow region was 200.6 thousand, Irkutsk – 196.4, Krasnodar Territory – 191.9, Chechnya – 189, Bashkortostan – 186.9. According to data, voiced by the Health Ministry of Russia, since early October is observed decline in the number of the unemployed. Positive dynamics was fixed in 73 Russian regions, including the Republic of Tuva, Kostroma, Leningrad, and Belgorod regions in Dagestan. It should be noted that the overall unemployment rate, calculated according to the criteria of ILO Rosstat, far above officially registered. For example, in Dagestan, officially registered only 48.8 thousand unemployed, it is almost four times less than the "Motovsky" figure. The reason for such a high margin is used by the State Statistics Service sources – on the one hand, statistics on the number of people who have registered themselves in local bodies and employment services, and on the other – an analysis based on official estimates by combining data from different sources available. The result is that registered unemployment rate is always lower than that which exists in the country really is. Indeed, many unemployed do not register with the Employment and looking for a job on their own and therefore are not counted in the statistics. In his turn, the International Labour Organization considers even students and senior citizens 72 years without work, that is, cover all categories of unemployed.

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