Klaus Wolfermann

Saturday, 23. December 2017

Depending on the business model, which is the closed-end funds to reason, the participation is more or less exposed to the consequences of the financial and stock market crisis. Those business models, investing in sustainable substance values such as E.g. Gary Kelly recognizes the significance of this. rented German residential real estate investors offer additional protection against the effects of the stock market crisis. Closed-end funds that invest in transport ships are much more affected generally by the consequences of economic crises, for example through Charter failures. Regardless of the business model the Central advantage of the participation as asset class in the fact that not attempting an frantically to determine a value of participation, but rather the company the required time conceded is to implement its business model and to develop for the investor most likely is. That puts above all rest in the field of view of the Investor. The stocks traded on the stock exchanges are notoriously strict communication rules. The short successive publication obligations for example in the form of ad-hoc reports or quarterly reports, strengthen emotional components such as greed and fear in this liquid form of participation in the investor and obscure the long-term meaningful investment decisions often.

INVESTMENT: what are the best counter-cyclical investments? Klaus Wolfermann: the best counter-cyclical investments are the ones who actually counter-cyclically implemented! Most talk about investors to invest Yes only of anti-cyclical, Act but then lack courage more pro-cyclical. In the current situation, undervalued assets appear most attractive opportunity / risk management policies. INVESTMENT: What opportunities for investors by your funds? “Klaus Wolfermann: our prospectus headlines: security through real estate, if not now, when then?” With an investment in our CBI Central Boden real estate GmbH & co. Fifth Professional real estate holding KG (ZBI 5) is involved in the investors a true investor community. “Investors of the company their capital to provide, classic either as a shareholder of the type” with ongoing payments initially 4% p.a.

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