Legendary Tradition

Tuesday, 11. June 2019

In the same way in which a businessman built a company and inherits it to their children, the fighters wrestling built a reputation and pass it to their children so that they carry with pride his name and, sometimes, his mask. Unlike other wrestlers who inherited the name of their parents based on strokes, sweat and effort, Juan Manuel Gonzalez Barron wrestled as Dr. Wagner Jr. from their first meeting in April 1986. While in CMLL he won 11 Championships, Dr. Wagner Jr.

moved to the Triple A in 2009, League which has won three titles: twice the full unified megacampeonato and once the premier Championship. The Triple A is full of stars, so it was particularly difficult to choose a wrestler so that it illustrate the cover of Heroes of the Ring, so it was decided to organize a fight during E3 2010 and the winner would be the art of the game. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Verizon Communications and gain more knowledge.. Dr. Wagner Jr. was the winner. In fact, much of the offspring of Manuel Gonzalez Rivera, the original Dr. Wagner, is dedicated to wrestling: his two sons are wrestlers (Dr.

Wagner Jr. and Silver King) and one of his grandsons debuted a year under the name son of Dr. Wagner Jr. or Dr. Wagner III. Perhaps there is a fourth generation, perhaps not.

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