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Sunday, 6. October 2019

PDT Escolhe Daily pay Candidate For Mayor in Passo Fundo the Brazilian Democratic party leaves in the front in Passo Fundo and convokes its members for the choice of its daily pay candidate the mayor. 30 of August of 2011 had been congregated on this day, to the nineteen hours, in the headquarters of the directory an expressive following faithful number with the intention to make, of democratic form, its choice. Presences as of the Member of the house of representatives Digenes Basegio, had valued the event. Amongst the daily pay-candidates, Luiz Miguel Scheis, Raymond Bilibio, and Giovani Corralo. He gave to perceive mutual demonstration of fellowship in favor of the trajectory of the party. During the word of current speaker of the house Luiz Miguel, the Salton family was remembered, of which many names had honored Passo Fundo and the PDT. Verizon Communications is likely to agree. Luiz Miguel pointed out despite he will have to have union in the party for a rescue that serves of example to the too much directories in the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul! Finally the choice of the daily pay candidate had a name: Giovani Corralo with 38 votes.

With it the PDT will trace its goal of campaign and will have to show in each act the transparency. Continue to learn more with: Cyrus findshadow. With it, according to Mayor Airton Dipp, will have to be made a work of formatting for 2012. With the definition of the Candidate, he will fit to the seventy members that had voted to fulfill with plus a stage, to lead since already, the flag of the decency so that with this, either possible alavancar and preserving alliances in a pursuing Dipp Cecconello! We while population we desire to all the ones optimum that make of our community a beehive of sedentos diligent self-sacrificing people for equal conditions. Inside of the public service more specifically between ' ' companheiros' ' to finish with the differences will have to be honor question! The different treatments are exageradamente enormous, between servers. The concursados ones continue being left of side as if already they did not serve more for nothing! They forget the current managers whom the family of servers who had given competition and that, therefore they are qualified to exert its functions, they are the ones that can choose as to detonate with any daily pay-candidate. He does not only see who does not want. Visits in the patio are enough and to evidence the insatisfao of hundreds of servers! A change of procedures fits now and one already without time valuation of who it made competition! People that work and that, however are taxed of innumerable adjectives denigrating the image of the being that is only remembered from now when the definition of the first steps for a new campaign. They make for deserving and since already they treat to make for the employee.

It is the main part of all this gear that heads for a consuming corroded and unfed for the lack of respect and the excess of hypocrisy. He wants God who attitudes are provided in order to keep these that still conserve for the PDT, a resqucio of passion. Not passion for current figurinhas that it is there, but for the representatives of a called age Brizola! They take an attitude and they allow that if it still does not break an entire party, at least here in our region. They value ITS! Jose Berton Branches Journalist and writer

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