Natural Treatment

Wednesday, 20. December 2023

To currar a wart does not go to the doctor! For some reason that escapes me now, they have no idea what they do. I found the cure on the Internet that works for everyone who tried it. Go to the supermarket and buy a few bottles of cider vinegar. What have infected dip in cider for a few hours each day. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gary Kelly. The virus can not with vinegar, it kills.

It takes a bit, so you have to be patient. It may take a month or even three months to get rid of everything. Also hurt, although more at first. How is a treatment that takes time, do not kill enduring the pain, go slowly if you can not stand it. Immerse the area in vinegar is what has worked best for me but other people have wet cotton and have stuck to the role of heat zone, ie, no need to go to work or school and can not keep the area submerged for a time.

Removing dead skin looks when you can do so without hurt. If you use cotton paper zeal and sometimes when you remove a lot of skin removed easily. If you must file to remove it, be careful, use gloves and wash everything with soap afterwards to avoid spreading to other areas. However, if you delve around the area in vinegar, but transmit it to another zone, die with the vinegar. In the foot I had to iron out but my fingers would not do the skin easily. I rode this page because I found the cure in an English page. A girl with a very bad warts almost said this treatment of vinegar and all the people who tried to base currando finished reading it there. I thought or had suffered with this, but there were many people with much worse cases. I do not know how I caught it in the foot – plantar wart. For two years I did nothing because they knew it was bad, just dead skin. In the end it hurt to walk a lot and went to the doctor. I was more than 1 year with treatment of burns with cold that hurts like a ***** and you spend a few hours of pain every time.

So was every 3 weeks. I go wrong with the pain and it was no good because the wart always came out. I also caught a 2 fingers hand. The doctor never changed treatment and only ended up wasting my time from pain and bad spending money. That was in France, then Spain, the doctor told me to prove myself every night stick chloric acid. That did not help, only layers of skin was burning and I found it difficult to walk and was also pain. One day I decided I pray that out. That night I started looking online and found this page of the girl. I had my doubts but it worked. I have totally currado fingers. (The shots got into glasses filled with vinegar and put cotton wool in vinegar.) And the foot is almost currado, it is a bit of what was a large infected area for 5 years. often quoted on this topic. It’s amazing to see healthy skin where it was so long covered by the virus.

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