New Solution For A Sensitive Problem

Friday, 23. November 2018

Heiner Versand AG develops innovative incontinence laundry concept Bonn together with the EMPA, the 10.04.2012 as the Heiner Versand AG announced today that the company has a novel multi-layer suction insert together with scientists from the Swiss Federal materials testing and research (EMPA), and a special pair of trousers designed for people with incontinence. According to the Bonn shipping trading company for health and incontinence products, the new safety laundry concept is based on the so-called principle of water traps”and is designed to provide a higher level of security and comfort in the future affected. According to current studies, bladder weakness is still an absolute taboo in our society. Uncontrollable loss of urine is enough shame more and more to withdraw from social life for many sufferers of reason. Absorbent pads and special incontinence laundry can indeed return a piece of quality of life among people suffering from bladder weakness to stand out but mostly well below the Clothes off and offer only limited protection against moisture. “A novel approach to solve this problem before recently Peter Gloor in coSan GmbH, a subsidiary of Heiner Versand AG, presented together with Markus neither by the Swiss Federal materials testing and research (EMPA): after years of research and development work, both the public presented a new sure heitswasche concept on the so-called principle of water falling” is based. The core of three-component water trap”is a made of a hydrophobic fabric, washable insert shell, which lost urine in an absorber layer is derived and there. In this way that feels the underwear wet, on the other hand that the urine with the skin comes and there causes irritation and inflammation, prevents one.

The aforementioned absorber layer acts as a second component. In this context, two were specifically various absorbent pads designed for women and a special insert for men, which are simply inserted into the deposit envelope. The third component is a specially designed incontinence pants. They can made a special body forming, breathable material and prevented by their closely-cut leg openings, as well as with the help of an integrated, waterproof membrane, that liquid or unpleasant odours penetrate to the outside. The athletic tight fit of the incontinence pants also helps that this is not looming under clothing and caused no noticeable noise when walking. You will find more information about the water trap”by IncoSan under:…

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