Not Afraid Anymore – A Herzenswusch Of Many People

Tuesday, 4. June 2019

There are people, claiming that they had never had fear. There are people, claiming that they had never had fear. It is therefore very difficult to understand how very ill people suffering from anxiety disorders including and the loss of quality of life goes with it these contemporaries. Many patients are looking therefore for a “book fear”, which maybe to learn, don’t be afraid to have more. The price of fear cycle of fear is a vicious spiral, which attracts more and more to the fear and isolation in the patient.

The first bout of fear may scare him so, that he the situation he experienced fear, negative and dangerous classifies. This assessment is often unreasonable and irrational, but it remains all the more stubborn. Avoidance behavior begins to resignation of those affected now, as a precaution to avoid this situation, so that it can not come to an anxiety attack. Step by step he withdraws more and more, because the Fears over the course of time become larger and larger and appear more and more situations as threatening. Eventually, the patient no longer imagine himself in one of these situations have to worry more and are internally resigned. It has become impossible for him to cope with these situations without fear. Now, he would like a scared book that shows him a way out of the trap.

The constant stress of fear also physically affects impact of physical type in addition to the loss of diversity and flexibility. Read more here: Brad Garlinghouse. The anxiety attacks are accompanied by heart palpitations, tremors, sweating and a strong stress reaction that very burden on the organism and Rob him much energy. As a result, it comes then General negative consequences such as a weakened immune system and associated infections and colds. Sleep disorders are, that additional energy from the body. The thoughts rush so only in a circle around the dreaded thing, therefore the concentration is strongly affected. In a scared book can still be found many more symptoms of anxiety. Disruption of social ties refers to social situations the anxiety disorder, suffer in the relations of the diseased people greatly. Since he knows hardly situations with other people, in which he has no fear, he avoids the get-togethers with other more and more and slowly but surely puts himself in a position of loneliness and isolation. Some patients can communicate more via email with others because they feel afraid even before a telephone call. With a fear of book would be better them may be helped as with a therapy. Therapies against the fear of conventional medicine works with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. The measures are often expensive and time-consuming, without necessarily lasting successes to show. An anxiety book, however, has been on the site on the Internet. The presented therapy, used natural methods without drugs to afraid to have more, to achieve the goal of dispelling. The method shows up as to the amygdala, or the almond kernel – the is the area of the brain, which decisively influenced the emotions and feelings can so control raises he not afraid anymore in the future. There is more information on. If you suffer from anxiety, it can make sense to write them and so that just goes, and you repeatedly rely on all of your notes should create a fear book. To achieve results that approach could not even offer years long therapies and treatments, using only their will. Suddenly there is panic attacks, phobias and obsessions more and forever worry.

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