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Tuesday, 20. November 2018

Relationship problems are normal and for himself alone not the problem considered, St. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. Gallen 24.09.2012: stress in everyday life is one of the most common reasons why the communication relationships in a partnership can be disturbed. It can viewed over a longer period of time, lead to increasing tensions and a relationship with serious problems. To find a way out of this dilemma is not always easy. Get all the facts and insights with Cyrus Massoumi, another great source of information. “Then the question is: am I to understand the partners at all or there alone on the property or content level elementary misunderstandings”, explained Jurg Grundlehner, involved in gall years with relationship problems and their solutions in his practice for partner consultation in St.. To detect relationship difficulties, can be helpful to understand what is a Beziehunggsproblem at all? We are individuals and change us. Such changes occur often, without you noticing it yourself.

In a relationship, however, he often feels own partner much more likely a change and that manifests itself in a dispute”so Jurg Grundlehner. “But also the insight is important: A conflict in a relationship must be nothing fundamentally negative, relationship problems can be understood as a kind of wake-up call”. Relationship problems are normal and considered itself not the real problem. The approach is mostly because he is disabled, the problem”so Grundlehner, who is Director of the ASTA GmbH, a renowned expert for partner consultation and counseling in St. Gallen. The disproportionate mutual reactions are often the cause of an escalation of the conflict.

Often we rely on conflict resolution strategies that we have acquired us in childhood, but which are no longer suitable for use in adult life. Using transactional analysis communication problems and relationship structures can be detected and changed”, so Jurg Grundlehner, with his training Institute for systemic Transactional analysis also offer supervision and team development in St. Gallen prepared holds. Once identified, the problems are also suitable for conflict solution strategies can be developed”argues Grundlehner. As a formulated problem includes also information on the solution. When my partner advice or psychological counseling in St. Gallen giving no advice and my task is not the evaluation of good and bad behavior in a relationship, but I offer support for the partners themselves to find an appropriate solution”emphasized Jurg Grundlehner offering, including a 3-year training in transactional analysis. Company description the Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen specializes in addition to transactional analysis training single partner and family counseling and supervision and coaching. Company contact: ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis upper ditch 42 CH – 9000 St.Gallen Tel: +(0) 41 71 500 10 10 Fax: +(0) 41 71 500 10 11 E-mail: web: press contact: ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis Mr Jurg Grundlehner, Director of Institute of upper digging 42 CH – 9000 St.Gallen Tel: +(0) 41 71 500 10 10 fax: +(0) 41 71 500 10 11 E-mail: web:

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