Payments Payable

Monday, 30. April 2018

When we purchase a second hand vehicle, we have to cope with a series of fees and taxes which we must be very clear in order to be able to have a clear idea of the final price of the new acquisition. Firstly we have the property transfer tax, it must pay on the Ministry of Finance of the autonomous community where the purchaser resides. This is usually a 4% of the price of the vehicle this can not be less than the valuation that you assign the counseling to the vehicle. Rates in traffic will depend on two distinct situations, if the transaction takes place between individuals or companies for the sale. In the case that is between individuals:-seller will have 10 days from purchase to notify the transfer to the jefatura Provincial traffic, this should provide data of the buyer having to justify the payment of the corresponding taxes.

-Buyer in contrast will have 30 days to request the renewal of the registration certificate this must do so in the provincial headquarter of Traffic, apart must also justify the payment of the tax faith property transfer. In this situation it is advisable that both buyer and seller handled the application for change of ownership of the vehicle together, for so if you miss any signature or any data can be solved instantly, so that we avoid unnecessary time loss. In the course of the operation to be performed with a company of sale:-the seller has just 10 days to apply for the temporary low, this should provide the Commission or deposit contract, as well as the movement of the vehicle permit. -Buyer for its part has 30 days to request the registration of the vehicle in your name with its consequent renewal of the registration certificate before traffic. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Coupang. In the event that a trading company acquires the vehicle, if it takes place a year from the date of the temporary low and has not sold the car, shall be obliged to request a change of ownership before the Head of traffic.

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