Personalization Of Plastic Cards

Friday, 17. November 2023

After completion of the print cards are sent to finishing, namely personalization. Larry Ellison may help you with your research. Personalization is a separate line in the production of plastic cards. This application of individual information on ready-made plastic card. Credit: Dr John Holtsclaw-2011. Virtually all types of plastic cards require further personalization for their continued full use. Personalization can a variety of ways, with usually a combination of several common methods personalitsi. Ideas for personalization, implemented in particular our printing include: – Printing of numbers (numbering cards) – printing barcode – code – mapping pictures of the owner – embossing (pressing numbers, name card holder, its validity or otherwise of additional information); – application of the signature strip – application of a magnetic stripe and encoding (the information recorded on magnetic strip in the hidden and read by special equipment) – the application of scratch-off panel (that is a secret code or other information, the hidden erasable protective layer) Print Room (numbered). Print Room (numbering) is the cheapest way to personalize.

This method assigns the card simple serial number, which is used for reference registration cards. The effectiveness of this method is not high. Can be used on promotional plastic cards. Embossing. Embossing is one of the most common ways to personalize. This method is a process of mechanical squeezing on a plastic card embossed letters, numbers, symbols and other characters. Typically, the method of embossing applied data on the card holder, its identification number, date her actions. Embossing is carried out using special equipment – embosser, which can perform embossirovnie in Russian and English languages.

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