Sunday, 30. September 2018

Privatization; this one day goes to give wood! You folloied the privatizations of the national companies? – Not? Then you must read ‘ ‘ Privatized Brazil, of Aloysio Biondi. But before, it takes a calmante, therefore it will have great decepo’ ‘. feels revolt when seeing the lack of patriotism and the excess of esperteza of some of our representatives. They, instead of privatizing the companies in agreement nailed. First they had covered the gaps caused for the famous hanger of jobs, with the public money. Later they venderam simply them for a price, below of the value expense.

E who is today its shareholding greaters? It will be that they are not same, that they had enriched the population of hopes, with controversies the promises? where is the advantages, nailed before the privatizations? I silence it and conformismo, arrives to cause indignation. Now it turned fashion, the government constructs highways with mounts of money you publish. It privatizes later them, privileging definitive entrepreneurs; compelling the population to pay abusive prices, to twirl in the same roads, that had been constructed with its taxes.

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