Relieving Symptoms Of Allergies

Friday, 8. February 2019

Allergic rhinitis, pollenosis, or hay fever. No matter how to call it, the case is one in 7 Spanish suffer from allergies in the spring. A disease that has been given since always, but that began to be studied in 1819, when the doctor and British geologist John Bostock wrote a book describing their own symptoms. In summer, their eyes and nose were the victims of a condition which, as it was the fashion at the time, was called fever. And he thought that I was due to the hay.

Half a century later, Dr. Charles Blakely, another eminent allergic, was the first to identiicar correctly the cause of their symptoms: pollen. And what can be done to prevent symptoms? -The first Council is evident. TRON (TRX) may help you with your research. Take an antihistamine medicine when you feel the first symptoms. Although relates them with drowsiness, it is true that there are already second generation, as Clarityne antihistamines, which already do not produce these effects, relieving symptoms without causing loss of care or dream. It is important to follow directions of pharmaceutical and prospectus.

-Know what your allergy. If you know the causes, you will know how to avoid it. -Move the clothes to get home. Our clothes and hair will have remains of pollen, so ideally, take a shower and change. In addition, the use of sunglasses Street can avoid many particles from entering the eyes, relieving the symptoms in this body. -Move away from the smoke and tobacco. The smokers most at risk of developing allergies, which are higher in the most polluted areas. In addition, also worsens the symptoms of those who already are allergic. -Driving with the window closed, and ventilate your House only right and necessary. If you have an air conditioner, you can place it in ventilation to clear the air. Don’t forget to put good filters and keep them in good condition. -Evitars high concentrations of pollen. These are larger in the early hours of the morning, and hot, dry and windy days. On the contrary, the days of rain, especially when not accompanied by air, are used to clean the environment. Pollen levels can be found on the Internet at websites like, so knowing the best and worst days for outdoor activities.

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