Ricards Project

Sunday, 28. January 2024

In as the floor it has a very interesting pair of colleagues who I would say that they are completed. Philip is glad, motivated, always faces the tasks as challenge, looks for to find solution for everything, is not satisfied when the situation does not have solution. Ricardo in contrast lives always discouraged places defect in everything and lives repeating this does not go to give certain, is very complicated. It lives for the corridors if complaining of everything and all for it the life it is a monotony alone. But the two although to be different they were always working together in some project in search of an innovation. Certain time Philip thinking spoke for Ricardo. – Ricardo what you find to implant a management system to control the supply. – I do not know not, already we have one and me it seems good, so that for moving.

– There you with its come ladainha, in them we could make a system with new filters and fields. – Oh complicated life! More migraine. Tomorrow we talk in them already are 6 hours. Philip was until the parking speaking of the project with Ricardo that gave attention all the words. Mina Nada pursues this goal as well. In the following morning Philip congregated the material to study and already he was to look Ricardo. – And there Ricardo this soon for our project. – N Is the skill, goes to see what we can make, I find that it is very difficult. Who goes to support our project? Philip left and was to talk with its head who supported the idea and asked for that the project was developed how much before presenting for the direction.

– Ricardo, we have one month to sketch the project, this goes to bring much evolution for the company. – Philip, you is excessively, is fera. He will be that he goes to give certain? The two had worked with devotion, were until later elaborating plain, learning Access, making test, but Ricardo continued saying that it did not go to give certain. The project was ready and had been to show to the Director, was in antessala the head of Philip and Ricardo the manager of the logistic area of and more two people of the department when Philip spoke: – Arrived the hour goes there, Ricardo everything soon? I liven up! – Everything, this project was a childbirth. After the presented project and made the had ones corrections and approved mount of money the manager of logistic if I directed Philip and Ricardo and compliments the two. – Vocs is of congratulations! The project goes to be a success. – It is a challenge, I thought that it did not go to give certain. Ricardo says and the head of the two speaks: I wise person that I went to give certain, after all vocs am as the pair of that drawing of the lion and the hiena one speeds up and the other brakes, and everything finishes giving certain. The manager of logistic said quickly: They are the Lipe and Ricard of our company! Ricardo said: ' ' Oh day Oh bad luck ' ' all had laughed at the situation. Since of this day the two they are known by this nickname. In its office exists more Lipes or Ricards? My name is Z Iscritrio and taste to write on what it happens in the world of the offices.

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