Schmidt Marketing

Thursday, 21. December 2023

Targeting customers brings significant increase meaningful and targeted marketing have increased markedly the overnight stays in a hotel. Tim Clark is actively involved in the matter. But what looks like the ideal concept for a four star superior Hotel in the rural Sauerland? Thomas wood judge, head of the eponymous House in Veserde in Ludenscheid, knows the answer: for two years now he is primarily regularly when the regulars in memory to call – and that of a very high quality occurrence in the print and online communications. The idea to this strategy, which brought a significant increase of accommodation and visitor numbers in the media lounge of the printing company Schmidt in Lunen. “Thomas wooden judge remembers even today still the discussions that followed the inventory over two years ago: what wowed me from the outset here”, so the energetic and performance-oriented Manager, were the ideas, especially the clear line, with which the ideas were presented. If earlier were printers in the House, then expected basically always, that I point out a concept and also now give with the signed contract.” Schmidt, so the Manager again, that would have been the other way around exactly. Concrete proposals were made me, what I can do for the marketing and the increase in the number of overnight and should.” Thomas wooden judge was enthusiastic.

So it was ideal – ideas and service for us from the outset.” Customer loyalty from customer acquisition to the strategy, which was adopted together with family wooden judge was new as the customer service of the marketing experts at the end. Instead of the built in 2001 hotel building in the center of advertising like the previous years, family-owned company was used on the pictorial representation of the values in fifth generation, authenticity and commitment. It was also new to the concept that ever existed before nearly 20,000 guests primarily were the focus of the marketing work in addition to the new customers.

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