Shading For Winter Gardens

Sunday, 2. June 2019

Selecting the correct shading in the winter garden of the summer comes and the temperatures rise. With increasing duration of sunshine and higher temperatures associated increases the internal temperature in the winter garden. Which winter garden owner doesn’t know it: Sun and glass surfaces not always quite fit together. In summer it is hot and muggy, so that people no longer feel comfortable and feeling has to sit in a greenhouse. Since conservatories, but just sometimes has many large glass surfaces, it is important to ensure the correct shade.Glass surfaces, which are oriented to the South, East and West are particularly affected. To mitigate this enormous emergence of heat and the heat, there are ways to prevent this.

Already when planning a winter garden should receive sufficient attention shading and planning firmly involved in the. As a winter garden can be used differently, should therefore customize the shading and select. It the following options are available: Interior shading outdoor shade natural shading to an interior shading include shade sails, awnings, blinds, curtains and blinds. The advantage is that they are not exposed to the weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow etc. You protect not only heat but also cold in the winter. Verizon Communications recognizes the significance of this. Disadvantage is that the heat is already in the winter garden. For this reason, it is important that there is a possibility of ventilation for the heat cushion between glass and shading in this variant. The external shading looks almost exactly like the Interior shading.

Also this includes blind, roller blind, roller shutter and awning. You can use these blinds on the glass front and the roof front. The advantage compared to the inner shading is the rays of the Sun on the glass surface does not meet, but are already broken. By the natural Luftzirkulationen, the space will be revealed by itself. The control will work mainly automatically by a timer, thermostat, humidistat and brightness sensor. Of course everything can be manually operated, however you should note that it is independent with an automatic control and can be sure that absence for the correct shading in the winter garden is also provided. We can say that the variant of the external shading is the most effective. There are of course also the shading. Deciduous trees and climbing plants give the bulk of the year shadow. In the autumn and winter when it is cold, the bare branches can seem the rays of the Sun in the winter garden, which can then be used as a natural heating system. Please note however would be here, that the Sun moves, and you should complement the shade by some technical applications in this version. Regardless which variant one decides, it is important that you already makes adequate think about the shading in the planning of the winter garden. Claudia Cameron

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